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What to do with a Gemstone

What to do with a gemstone. People collect gemstone,  facet and cab stones to make jewellery, carve gemstones or find stones to sell.. There is so many things you can do with a gemstone.

Gemstones of the World: Newly Revised Fifth Edition

What to do with a gemstone

How do we define a gemstone? After all, it’s just another shiny bit of mineral lodged in rock, and many of the world’s most prized gems look rather ordinary before they are cut and polished. Gems are assessed with the four Cs: clarity, cut, colour and carat.

Our first gemstone experience.

We had just had a holiday in Brisbane, on our way home we stopped in Winton for a lunch break. Went to the  shop near the information centre, and the opals, the beauty, the colour. Love at first site. The lady told us lots of things about opals and a opal town called Opalton 120kl from Winton. Yes we went back the next long weekend. And sure enough we came home with opals.

We joined the Lapidary Club to find out what to do with the stones we had found . Lapidary Club has all the cutting and polish machines. We hit the books and internet to find out what we could do with the opals we found in Opalton. Over the years we have been to Gemfest and learnt more about the opal.

The first thing I did with my opal. I had small rocks (stones) I found on the ground that had colour in them. Some had blue lines of opal, Colours like red, green, yellow blues, Fire in Opal. lots of colour. I used a Dremel  to carve out my shape, most opal is very soft, they say it is full of water. I know you don’t see the true colour of a piece of dirty opal stone until you wet it. When looking for opal it pays to have a spray bottle of water with you. More on Opals later.

Gemstones. How to get gemstones.

Some people can not go out looking for gemstones, or it is too far to travel to some places. Do what I do, get on e-bay or there is other websites that sell gemstones, and buy what you want. Do some homework about your size and carats first. Be careful, when  paying a lot of money out. Buying through the internet don’t buy it you can not use pay pal. Pay Pal is your insurance.

Gemstones. Make them shine.

On my review page is  my cabbing machine(rock grinding machine) your local lapidary club they will have all your equipment you need to make the gemstone shine. For more information on Making that gem shine.


The Loupe. It is a must have item when checking a gemstone for inclusions or flaws. Loupe, is  to inspect gemstones and other jewellery. These magnifying loupes have special lenses that allow our eyes to focus on an object at a much closer distance than is normally possible, making the object appear,  to be much larger and revealing tiny details we couldn’t see with our normal vision. You need to be able to see flaws, with your first step, with your gemstone, under the cutting blade.

Dremel 4000-6/50 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Tool with 50 Accessories


Is a Versatile, powerful tool. A rotary tool with lot of attachments and accessories.

It has Cutting, Carving, Grinding , Sanding, Polishing Wheels and tools and  lots more. A Dremel is not hard  to use. When I started out I used my dremel on my Opal Stones, to shape,  sand and polished.

The machine about is a tile cut from your local hardwear shop cost around Hundred dollars.

Wet and Dry Sand paper.

I use wet and dry sand paper a lot. Nearly every time you do any thing to a gemstone you have to have water running. It is all about that stone. when I started playing with rocks I used  a dobbing stick (piece of wood) stuck my stone on it, and rub it on wet and dry sand paper, for the finial polish.


Playing with some rocks is dirty business.





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