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What is Petrified Wood.

What is Petrified Wood 

Petrified Wood is a Fossil.

Organic remains have been replaced by minerals, in a slow process of being replaced with stone

Finding a piece of Petrified Wood makes you first wonder how many years it took to make.

The pictures below are off a stone I have, It is quite heavy and beautiful. When you look at this stone how do they age something so beautiful. It has patterns and line all over it.  Touching this stone, takes your breath away, did it take a million or billion years to make.

This stone was found where Opal is found


The other side of the stone

How does it last so long.

Wood that has been preserved is said to have been petrified, there is actually no wood but all stone.


                                      Lets start at the beginning.

At some point in time the climate changed and a tree died. The tree falls to the ground and is quickly covered with mud, it will retain it shape while under the mud.

As the tree decays the cells become hollow and water seeps into the tree and into the cells.

The water is full of minerals like calcite, silicon, as the water evaporates it leaves the minerals behind, filling up the cells and creating a petrified tree. It looks like the original tree but the minerals have replaced all of the tree.

                                                     Preseved Wood.

2 small peices of Petrified Wood. They are very light.

Wood  that has been preseved is said to have been petrified, that is there is no wood left in the piece. The wood died and was gone many years ago. What you are seeing is where theminerals have replaced the wood, in the same shape and form.

So while you see the wood just as it looked million of years ago, it is actually a rock that has taken the form of the wood.

Replacing the original plant material with silica, calcite, pyrite or another morganic material such as opal.

                                                  Petrified Wood Opalized.

Wood opal is a form of petrified wood which has developed an opalescent sheen or, more rarely, where the wood has been completely replaced by opal. Other names for this opalized sheen like wood is opalized wood and opalized petrified wood. It is used a gemstone

Large Opal Stone 27cm x 15cm x 11.5cm $300.00
Large Opal Stone 27cm x 15cm x 11.5cm $300.00 Contact Me

This large stone on the side is very heavy, was it a piece of wood that has opalized. All i know it is beautiful. The different layers (colours) of stone. It has blue opal running through it.





Minerals that course Perrified Wood to Form.

A decorative type of fossil wood where the original organic material has been replaced – usually by chalcedony or agate (cryptocrystalline quartz), but sometimes by opal, coal, pyrite, calcite and others.

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