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Wee Macgregor Mine-2018-July.North West Qld.

Wee Macgregor mine in 2018. New way.

North West Qld Gem Fossicking.

July 2018 we went to a area, at the old grave site,  Highville, off the Fountain Springs road, Looking for Crystals.

Highville Grave Site. (old Mining Town.)

To find this place, as you drive along the Fountain Springs road there is information signs about the area. Get out the car and read them. You will be following the old rail line in.

Follow this road, turn right to go to the Mine.

Follow the orange poles left to take you up to the tunnel where the train  use  to go through,( in the old mining days.)

Years ago you could drive through the tunnel. The road up is a bit scary. Not sure walk the track first, You can not turn around on the track until you get up to the tunnel.

Turning Right.

You can go to where the Old Wee Mac Gregor mine was. Work is being done around there. So someone might be opening the mine up again.

To our surprise we were able to go all the way around to Wee Mac Gregor Mine, Pass where the  Maltese Cross are, on a new graded road.

Pass the mine the road got a little bit rougher,  We followed this road, and passed  the diggings of the Maltese Cross are on the side of the road.

Got to Cattle Creek. Then we turned off at the cattle Yards, and came out on the Fountain Springs Road again.

It was a hole day of Driving and looking.

We did find some very nice crystals.

Happy Fossicking.



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