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Topaz Video. O’Brien Creek.

Finding Topaz at what to do.

At O’Brien creek, There is a sandy creek bed. You can dig in the creek, you might find a Topaz on the surface ( Lucky). Going in to O’Briens creek you will see all the large stones that people have moved and dug around, or moved.

Dig your self a hole , we found a lot of Topaz on the side of the banks, our hole we shared with other people was 5 feet deep, when we left we had moved about 6 meters x 4 meters of dirt.. Lots of very large stones. The soil we were moving was sand dirt. Above is the hole we help dig.

Dig under rocks, move the ones that are not too heavy.

Buy Topaz.

This rock was found at O’Brien Creek.

Happy Fossicking.


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