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Topaz Video. O’Brien Creek. North Queensland.

Finding Topaz-what to do.


O’Briens Creek,  is a sandy creek bed, with lots of really big rock.

You can dig in the sandy creek, or the dirt around O”Briens creek. 

A dirt road goes a full loop around it the creek.

Cross O’Briens  creeks and drive up the road along the creek, drive as far as you can.

Next road to take is:  You will see a turn off on your right, as you head to O’Briens creek for the jump ups.

This is one of the jump ups.

There is two, jump ups.


You might find a Topaz on the surface ( Lucky). Going in to O’Briens creek you will see all the large stones that people have moved and dug around.

We have been to O’Briens Creek 4 times now

This is our dig last visit to O’briens Creek. Found 49 stones in total.

Dig your self a hole , we found our  Topaz on the side of the creek banks, under the tree roots. 

You will need a digging tool, shovel and sieve, and lots of energy.

One visit to O’Brien creek ,our hole we shared with other people was 5 feet deep, when we left we had moved about 6 meters x 4 meters of dirt.

Lots of very large stones were moved.

The soil we were moving was sand dirt.  The whole was made on the side of the creek bank.

 Lots of people dig under rocks,  move the ones that are not too heavy. 

There is camp grounds at O’Briens Creek, Toilet/showers. cost us $10 a night each.

Do Not Park your Car or Van under the trees. To Many Birds.


This rock was found at O’Brien Creek.

Buy this rock.

It has two topaz showing. The rock is 7″ x 4″ weight is 1221g.

Need to find out more contact me

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Happy Fossicking.


This rock is for sale.


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