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Be your own boss-Lesson-Information on How you can be your own Boss.

Working with you computer on the Internet.

Find out about the lesson-and information on how you can be your own boss.

Be your own boss. You will need a internet connection.

With A  computer connected to the  internet and a little bit of Money.

Become your own boss. sell products on the internet, write reviews, do a lot of writing of content on your very own website.

Remember nothing is free. Everything in life cost money or time.

If it is to good to be true. No one give you anything for nothing.

I was my own boss for several years, and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like it. I had to show up for work, or ,we did not open ,  The hour you had to spend waiting for other to finish off.  Yes I did do as I pleased, I had long lunch breaks at work.  Vacation only happened  at Christmas time. Just going out for dinner was a no no,  because you had to open at 2am in the morning. That bread had to be made then ,so it was ready by 5am. Never had a life because, of the long hours that had to be put in to pay the bills.

But I have found a Business online.

How would you like to earn money and be the boss, do what you want too.

Yes I have been looking for this for a long time

At Wealthy Affiliate they teach you step by step how to build a online business.

Yes I know, and have been caught by a lot of sites, that say free trial, to  a online business ,sell stuff online, all they want is your credit card. I always use Pay Pal, insurance policy for all scammer. I signed up to a company, and a year later after cancelling they took money out of my account. One phone call and I had my money back.

Newbie is me. I know only enough about computers to do my invoice and  accounts at work.  I never took my computer out of the car when I went home. My phone has no internet, it is only so my husband can kept track of me. I have never been interested with face book after seeing that my own children can not say happy birthday to each other.

Wealthy Affiliate – I found because I was looking for something online I could make money doing. I have sold on e-bay but,  stopped because they were taken to much of my profits. I was losing about 13% of my sales, plus if your customer does not like it, you have to pay for the item to be returned. Also freight was about 25% on top of the item I was selling. In  Australia it is cheaper to send something to New Zealand than Western Aust.

Arriving at Wealthy Affiliate, first thing you notice, is they don’t want your credit card. Build a website free, don’t have to pay for a domain name. So I did that. Then they let you do this 10 lesson course, that show you how to build a business online. What it is all about.

Niche, What is a Niche, It will be what your website is or will be about.

Over a month I kept doing there lessons. I was learning things and it gave me a good feeling.

I signed up and gave them my Credit Card Details, I have been doing the lesson now for 4 months, Yes I am learning slowly but I understand it is hard work getting started, lots of research on your niche. You are always learning something. Some days I do not leave my computer for  hours.


Employment is NOT a safe option.

We live in a global economy now where big business care more for the bottom line (profit) than they care about there workers.. More and more roles are being outsourced or transferred overseas to low cost countries with skilled workers who can get the job done at a fraction of the cost. In Australia, just got to look at what you buy now, nothing is made to last ,most of it is cheap crape that is made in factories, slave labour.

Employers have no loyalty,  they will get rid of you as soon as it suits them. Times are gone where people worked for the same company for 50 years. Big business Only think of the share holder getting a profit.

 If it happens I will just get another job.

At which point,  I live in a mining town and they have just put of hundreds of men, and despite being highly qualified and experienced in mining. What sort of job are they going to get. What sort of pay cut will they have to take.


Why start a business?

Why I was such an advocate of people starting their own business.

Now this isn’t easy to answer and get people to understand..

That it came down to two factors TIME and MONEY.

As an employee both of these are limited.

Employees never make it rich, no matter how hard they work or well they perform, compensation is fixed.

Also your freedom is seriously limited because you have to commit regular blocks of your time. If you want time off then you have to ask permission.

The difference as an Entrepreneur is YOU HAVE CONTROL.

You choose the hours you work . Need an appointment? Delivery due? Fancy a long Weekend away? No problem you have something you never had as an Employee flexibility. You can work around  life interruptions.

Then there is the motivation you get as an entrepreneur due to the fact that you see direct results from the effort you put in. Increase the profits and YOU directly benefit from that, not somebody else.

A few times I’ve woken up restless in the middle of the night with an idea and had to get out of bed to work on it. That’s not something I would do if someone else was reaping the benefits of my hard work and creativeness.

On its own, time and money doesn’t make you happy, there are many more factors (family, friends, health etc.), but it gives you the freedom and opportunity to go and live your life the way you want to.

I seemed to have made my case well as my friend nodded in reluctant agreement and told me how he resonated with this having recently missed his Daughters school play because his manager wouldn’t authorise his time off request.

The Third Option.

His next comment was I can’t afford to just give up work to build a business.

My response was simple. You don’t need too.

With the right business model, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t start a business in your spare time while you still have a job and a monthly income coming in.

Most people can spare an hour a night after the kids have gone to bed, or give up a Saturday morning each week while they grow their business.

Then when you and the business are ready, you can give up your job and transition to the business full time.

Everyone would love to be able to have no money worries, If you would like to know more please leave a comment or ? . I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great day.