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Rockhounds – Gemhunters- Fossickers.

All do the same thing. Looking for Gemstones- Finding Gemstones.

People all have the same thing on there minds, Rocks and  Gem Stones. It is a addiction, once you find your first piece of bling, you want more, and more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find that one in a life time Gem.

Rockhounds and Gemhunters and Fossicking is My Hobby.

Rockhounds look for gemstones.

GemHunters look for Gemstone.

Fossicking is looking for Gemstones.

I am a Rockhound love going out being a  Gemhunter.

I only can go out rock/gemstone fossicking  in the cooler months of the year. In summer it gets to hot to go outdoors for to long.

In the colder month some time it is realy cold. The nights are the worst.

I love Camping out.

Camping out is great fun, you go looking for gemstones in the morning, do a little sight seeing, talking to other fossickers. Rest in the afternoon.

Most fossicking areas have Designated fossicking areas. For Camping and fossicking. Some have toilets,  When going camping you should take every thing you need. Some area you fossick in are miles from anywhere.

How to find out where to dig.

Most lapidary Clubs have Tag Along tours, they go out over night or one day.

Club Members have lots of stories to tell.

To find out more about other  people Stories , What they find, Where to go.

Rockhounds  stories, about what they have found,  Gemhunters is a great listening hobby to. We hear stories of beauty  and find beautiful things, isn’t life beautiful too.  With this website, I hope other people will share and we will all get to hear about other people stories where they have been, looking for gemstones. All over the world.

Breaking News While writing content for this page. I wish it was me. News of a $20million dollar

Diamond found in 2016
Diamond found 2016

Diamond was found in Angola by a Western Australian Company. Lucapa Diamond company found a 404-carat Diamond at it’s Lulo Diamond project in Angola’s Southern Africa. It measure 7cm across, about the length of a credit card.

How do you know if it is Diamond. Nothing sticks to Diamond, it is the hardest gemstone.

Amethyst   Found in far North Queensland Australia.

My first Gemstone is  Amethyst.


Why– It is my favourite colour.

It is my Birthstone, and it is very pretty and come in lots of colours, and there is lots of different Amethyst around here to find, plus it is not hard work to find Amethyst. The digging is easy.

Amethyst come in all different colours of purple from clear to  light purple, right up to dark, to  dark purple. There is other colours of Amethyst, like green-yellow? I think they have been heat treated by the sun. The Amethyst picture above  is of a piece of Amethyst straight  out of the ground. The top has crystal points, and the top/middle  will be Chevron Amethyst. The bottom will be a quartz not much good for anything other than the garden.

Easy to Find Amethyst.

To find this stone we drove our  4 wheel drive and parked it under a shady tree, put up a shade cover and started digging a hole.  At first we came across a lot of small points. The rock in the picture is ok. We found lots of amethyst like this one .The rock  want show it’s real beauty until it is cut & cleaned.

What To Look For.

The picture in the Featured image you can see the tips are chipped. What you real want out of this stone. To cut the top off and find a clear piece of Amethyst, with no fracture lines. To do a faceted cab stone, the size of five cent piece or a bit bigger .

How many buckets of Amethyst did I bring back home.

Well only two, What I have done so far with my Amethyst. I have cut some of the tops off the crystal to see if I can get a clear crystal with, veins of dark purple. I did but they had fractures, I had a lot that just crumbled, when they went under the wheel, they all went in the vibrator with all the little pieces I picked up.

I don’t understand why people have to smash rocks out in the field, they must cry if they smash a good one.

I have tumbled some amethyst, I did not cut any to shape, they came out really great all different sizes . Next time I will cut them in to a shape. My husband has only faceted, one of the stones in diamond cut, and he has a flat stone to do free form, on his machine if it works out it should be a  beautiful stone to put a bezel around.

Made a Gem Trees with all the small smashed stones. I when around with a drink bottle and filled it up with small dark purple Amethyst. To shine them I used a vibrator, as it only takes a week and the small rocks come out shaped better, not rounded like they come out of a tumbler.

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron Amethyst

Chevron amethyst you can tumble, which  comes out real shinny, the stones are good to use for all types of jewellery or, cut the different patterns and colours and cab the stone. Chevron is the v shapes  patterns in the rock. This rock is everywhere and all colours of purples and white. It is a very nice stone cut or not cut.

So we can see the colour, at the top of the stone, we soak our stones in acid for about 3 months. All the brown come off and you can see the colour of the rock better when cutting it.

We normally  go out for a couple of days, as this spot, you have to get permission to go. Great camping area at no cost. You have to take everything you need no shops for 3 hour drive.

To find where we go to get this stone. leave a comment as the story about camping out is coming soon.

Please leave a comment , Tell me everyone  your story about a gemstone that you have found. If you would like any of the stones or rocks I have taken pictures off,  let me know, we can work something out.

Most times it is easier to buy, than have to travel to find them.

Thanks for reading