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Silver Minerals

Silver Minerals.

Silver and Gold Rock

Silver is rarer than Gold but it enters into more minerals than Gold. It mixes with Gold, Copper and other metals in limited amounts to form alloys. Silver frequents weathered  silver or lead-zinc ore deposits. Unlike Gold, Silver alters when released, so it does not survive in alluvial deposits.

silver nuget
Silver Nugget

Important silver deposits in Australia include ore bodies in Broken Hill region around New England and at Elura Mine. Cobar in New South Wales, and at Teutonic Bore Western Australia. A large mass of silver (2000 ounces) was mined at Elizabeth Hill, Pilbara, Western Australia in 2000.

silver ore
Silver Ore

Silver has an affinity for antimony and arsenic and the halide elements-Chlorine, bromine and iodine. Broken Hill Weathered alteration zone is a classic world locality for silver halides.

Although its silver – white Colour tarnishes grey to black, the streak is silver – white. Crystal (cubic) are often distorted and form needles, mesh – works, branches or fibres. It has metallic to dull lustre and soft ( H 2.5-3) and Heavy (SG 10.1-11.1).

Dyscrasitedys Crystals on Matrix.dyscrasite




This Silver, antimony mineral formed exceptional crystals at Broken Hill in NSW. Crystals (orthorhombic) are silver white in colour and streak. They have a metallic lustre and sometimes tarnish yellow to black. It is soft (H 3.5-4) and heavy (SG 9.4-10.0).


Stephanite, a brittle silver ore, is a silver, antimony and sulphur mineral. It is iron black in colour, Metallic and opaque, and crystals (orthorhombic) are soft (h 2-2.5) and dense (SG 6.2-6.5).




This Silver and Chlorine mineral can contain some bromine and is known as (horn silver) Because of its shape. It is grey-green to yellow, grading to grey, crystals (cubic) are rare and the mineral is usually massive, resembling wax or horn. It is very soft (H1.15) and reasonably dense (SG5.5)


Ruby Silver
Proustite Ore
Proustite Ore

Proustite is a silver, arsenic and sulphur mineral and, with pyragyrite, is one of the “ruby silver” ores. It is scarlet to vermilion in colour and streak. The bright lustre blackens on prolonged exposure to light. Crystals (trigonal) are twinned and show distinct cleavage but also form in compact masses. It is soft (H2-2.5) and heavy (SG 5.5-5.7)



This rare silver and iodine mineral appears at Broken Hill. Nearly Colourless, It becomes pale yellow to green on exposure to light. Crystals ( hexagonal) usually form thin places and show perfect cleavage. It is soft (H1.5) and heavy SG7

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