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Schnoodle dog. Female. What a beautiful dog.

Schnoodle dog.

Female. What a beautiful dog.

My beautiful little girl Chantelle is a Schnoodle, colour Brown and cream.

Chantelle is a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

High. not quite a foot high, she is a small dog. Smart Dog, she try to talk to us. If only we could understand her.

She likes to sleep with me, sit on my lap. loves pats.

Chantelle loves her baths.  She does have to get her hair clipped. Very Good guard dog.

Chantelle has had a litter of pups. She had four pups, a great mum.

November will be her second litter.

Dad name is Buster. He is a Cavoodle. Black and White.

Cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Chantelle and Buster made great pups.

Are you interested in getting one of there pups.

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