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Ribbon Stone

Ribbon Stone-description.  Where to find Ribbon stone. All the beautiful colour of the Ribbon Stone






Cutting Ribbonstone.

This is a very hard rock to cut, a lot of people will smash the stone open with there picks to see the colour inside. the rock. . Above in the picture, this rock has been cut, and there is one stone in the picture that has been Cab, next to it is the piece of rock it was cut from.

Hard Stones when cutting just take longer to cut.


                Where I found  Ribbon stone.

There is a lot of places to find Ribbonstone.

I found  the piece in the picture above,  just outside  Camooweal, in North West Queensland. Fossick for Ribbonstone or just pick it up, you would have to say just pick it up. Some how I don’t think it is Fossicking. Finding Ribbonstone is very easy. First thing you wonder is,  how a ugly rock can have such beauty inside it. They come in all different colours.

Morning Drive.

We set of from Mt Isa at 6am, on our way out of town we went and got Breakfast a Hash Brown, and a cup of coffee.  Our trip was to Camooweal on the boarder of Queensland and Northern Territory, Nearly two hour drive, from Mount Isa.


Lapidary Club Members.

Two hours later we arrived at Camooweal, we sort of new where to go. We were told by our local Lapidary Club Members.


We took our Fossicking Hammer, Hat, never put our shoe on. (stupid Idea not to.) and Chairs

Morning tea. 

We took drinks and morning/lunch with us. Being local we new we would most likely be eating in the car. Flys and heat will do it every time.

Suburb of Mount Isa.

188 kilometres from Mount Isa , Camooweal is now considered a Suburb of Mount Isa, such is the vastness of the region, and the huge jurisdiction the Mount Isa City Council operates. The Barkly Highway between Mount Isa and Camooweal is considered the longest main street in the world at 188 kilometres long.

Went  looking around.

Out side Camooweal there is a river , Georgina River, before you get to the Northern Territory Boarder.   Not much water,  because it was hot summers day, plus we were in drought. no rain for a very long time, our dirt was bull dust, (very fine Dusty-Dirt).

Georgina River

On the left side of the river there is camping, rest area has rubbish bins. There was No one  there because it was  to hot to camp. Dry and dusty.

Smash the Rocks.

Getting out the car, we found a lot of different coloured rocks that were smashed open, yes they were Ribbonstone, lot of different patterns, lines, colours. The Rock above was a large Rock, we smashed a corner of to see the colours.

Ribbonstone is a hard rock.

Ribbonstone is a very hard rock to smash open or to cut. I never put my shoes on, and yes a peice of rock came back and hit me on my  toe. It hurt that much , I reckon it broken my toe,  plus cut it open. Make sure you think of safety first when smashing rocks.

Lapidary Club.

We went down to our local lapidary club to cut the stone in the picture on top of this page. The 6 cuts on the one stone cost about $10.00. Only because of the size. I have got one,  a beautiful cab out of it so far, I will get more. Being a member of your local club, lets you use there trim saw, grinding wheels, and polishing wheels, so you can cab you stones.

Cab Ribbonstone from the stone at the top of this page.





Contact Me if You would like to Know More About Fossicking in Mount Isa and Cloncurry Areas.

Have a great day.



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