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Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.

Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.


Chantelle has  given  birth to her beautiful  pups.

6 beautiful pups, they all look black.

The pups  have to be a lot older for you see there colours. Most have mums colours.

Tuesday morning 19/10/2021 at 7.15am the first pup was born.

It is a Boy. weight 250g.

Mostly Black, white under mouth, white back feet, white under chest.

second day he weight was 265

Second Pup Born 19/10/2021 at 8.20am.

Weight 212 second day.

Colours, black , brown face, white mark on belly.


Third Pup born 9.02am.  Tuesday Morning.

Weight on second day 173.  A Boy.

White marks on chest small white mark on tip of tail. Brown feet.

Fourth Pup born 9.50am. Tuesday.

Black, with thin white strip on chest, white back feet.

Fifth Pup born 10.10am. Tuesday.

A girl White line  mark on chest.

Weight  171g.

Six Pup Born 11.15am

Black/Tan, white belly. Tan on face legs.


Second day, I have mark them with  colour wool.

Second night Chantelle has take off the wool on her pups.

The pups are black/ brown, with a white mark on there feet or tummy.

The pups are so beautiful.

All these pups are for sale. Enquires.

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Have a great day.


Fourth Day of our Puppies life.



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