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Puppies. For Sale. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021. Day 6.

Puppies  For Sale.

Chantelle and Busters Pupies.

They are a X between a schnoolde and Cavoodle.

Day 6 Monday Morning.

All pups are putting on weight.

No 1 Big boy.  Weight 445g.

Black with white on chest and back feet.

No 2. Girl Weight 337g.

Black White mark on chest. Brown on bottom of lip.

No3. Boy. Weight 336g.

Black White mark on chest.

No 4. Girl Weight 319g.

Black white on chest white on back feet.

No 5. Girl. Weight 304g.

Black Thin white line on chest.

No 6 Boy Weight.270g.

Black/Tan White on chest, white on back feet. Tan on face and legs.

All the Pups are putting on weight.

The whole six pups are for sale.

If you are interested please leave a comment and I will contact you.

Have a great day.


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