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Puppies For Sale Mount Isa. Schnoodle X Cavoodle. Forever home 15 th December 2021.

Schnoodle X Cavoodle. Puppies for Sale Mount Isa.

They are ready for there Forever homes after 15th December. 2021.

6 Puppies For Sale.

There is three girls and three boys.


Boy.  His weight at first worming was 802g.

We call him big boy.

Black with white chest and white back feet.

This pup was first Born


Number 2 Pup.

She is a girl.

Colour. Black with White Mark on Belly, and white feet. Brown mark on bottom of lip.

Weight at first worming at 2 weeks. 520g.

Number 3.

Boy. smallest pup born.

Black/Tan and white. White mark on chest, white back feet.

Weight at 2 weeks. 455g.

Eyes open at two weeks

Number  Four. Girl.

Colour. Black ,White Strip on chest, white mark on bottom of lip.

Weight at second week 585g.

Eyes open at two week.

At 18th day they were getting around on two front legs. They were getting to mum fast.

Number 5


Black , Thin white mark on chest.

Weight two weeks 530g.

Number 6.


Black, with small white mark on chest.

Weight at 2 weeks worming 580g

Well that is a record of the pups at two weeks.

Tomorrow they are three weeks old.

At two weeks there eyes opened.

Over the last week they have started to move around more.

There front feet a strong enough for them to pull them self around. Not running yet.

All the pups are so so beautiful. I wish I could kept them all.



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