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Puppies For Sale Mount Isa. Born 19/10/2021. Cavoodle x Schnoodle Puppies

Puppies for sale Mount Isa.

One week old.

pupies one week old.


Chantelle is the pups mother.

We have six pups for sale.

The pups Are:

Schnoodle x Cavoodle pups.

Beautiful dogs very Friendly, Protective dog. Great Companion dogs.

They are a medium dog, normal under 10 kg in size. High Around 12″.

They do need to be grimed.  They do not lose there hair every where.

The dogs  do clean them self.

These dogs are very intelligent, adorable loveable dogs.

If you are interest these pups, they will be going to there forever home. around the 13th December.

All pups will be wormed from two weeks of age.

8 Weeks old, they will be microchip and vaccinated.

If you are interested in a pup, a deposit will be needed.

These pups will sell fast.

Leave a comment , or e-mail me at  Subject puppies.

Have a great day.


The pups are around 250gs at 0ne week old.

Read about mum and dad.

pup that has the colours like mum


This pup is a boy the smallest. He has mums colours. Tan and Brown with white back feet.

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