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Puppies for sale. 7 weeks old. Puppies for Christmas.

Puppies for sale. All Puppies are sold.

We are 7 weeks old, 7/12/2021.

Schnoodle x Cavoodle.  Puppies for Christmas.

All pups are eating, they still try to get mum.

Here are some pictures of the pups today.

The only pup that looks like mum.
Mum. Chantelle.


no 1 he is the biggest pup.
I gave them a dog biscuit.


Rest time.

Yes all the pups are full of energy, They are all indoor dogs, the only  grass they have seen is artificial.

Having pups is a beautiful journey, they are all so different.

Mum and dad are helping me with them.

Have a great day.


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