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Puppies 5 weeks old. Schnoodle X Cavoodle. Puppies for sale December 2021.

Puppies 5 weeks old.

They were born on the 19th October 2021.

Schnoodle X Cavoodle.

Puppies for sale December 2021, are ready for there forever home, will be 8 weeks old. on 14th December.

They all will have there Microchip and be Vaccinated.

All Pups have been wormed from 2 weeks.

This pup is a girl. No 2.

She is black, has white chest and white back feet, brown mark on bottom of lip.

She has a beautiful face, ears.

More pictures.

Her hair is thick.
I have white back feet. and white on my chest.


No 6. BOY.

He is mostly  black,  has a very small white spot on chest , and has colour on the bottom of feet.

He is so adorable, love to be held.

Very hard to get a picture of him, he is mostly Black.

I am a black boy pup.


No 1 BOY.

I am Black with a white chest, little white on my back feet.

White mark on the top of my tail

I was the biggest pup born.

I am the big brother of the family.


my white chest
I like to move about.


No  5. Girl.

I have a brother that looks like me.

My hair is thick and a bit curly already.

I am mainly  black, Thin white mark on chest

Thin white mark on my chest.
thick curly hair


No 4. I am a Girl.

Black with white thick strip on chest. White mark on chin, white on back feet.

white on bottom lip. White chest.


No 3. Boy.

This pup is a different colour , to all the others pups.

It is black/brown/tan and white.

Smallest pup, very playful at 4 weeks.

It will have the thick hair like the other pups.



More Information on pups E-Mail me.

Have a great day.

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Having a dog with pups is a lot of work.

So rewarding, just to watch the pups grow.





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