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O’Briens Creek-Fossicking- Topaz.

O’Briens Creek- Topaz.

June 2017 a trip Fossicking and  Camping , O’Brien Creek in North Qld.

Where is O’Brien Creek, How to get there, Find Gemstones,  What gemstones you can find , How to find Topaz.

Camping  Fossicking Holiday

O’Brien Creek in North Qld.

Elizabeth Creek Camp Grounds.- Mount Surprise Station.

O’Briens Creek is the name of the Fossicking Area,  Which is about 2km from the Camp Grounds (Mount Surprise Station). that is right next to Elizabeth Creek.  Elizabeth Creek has had, water running  both times we have been there.

This year was June and water was running , the crossing at Elizabeth Creek  to O’Brien Creek Fossicking Area,  at first did not have water running over it. One day when we came back from Fossicking, it was flowing, they must of had rain up river. Yes you can swim in it, fish and catch yabbies

What are Yabbies.


Cost for camping is $10 each person for one night .In 2017.

Toilets and Showers.

There is toilet and showers available, and they take your rubbish away.  Someone lights the donkey, for hot water around 4pm every day. Nice Camping ground well looked after.

No Shops.

No shops make sure you take everything you need. You can get water there, but it is a good idea to take all your drinking water. Shops are 34km away.

Bird Life.

There is a lot of different birds to spot at O’Brien Creek.  Do Not park your car  under, the shady trees, in the camping area If you do, except to have  a big job cleaning up after the birds..  The birds do wake you up in the mornings early. Camp grounds are home for a lot of different birds. They are well feed.




Where is Obrien Creek.

O’Brien Creek is around 34 km from Mount Surprise on a dirt road. .  Mount Surprise is in Central Queensland.

The turn off to O’Brien Creek, is nearly in front of the police station. on the main highway.

The road to Obrien Creek is  looked after, Caravans, camper trailers  do travel on this road. There is a lot of cows on this road.

Finding Gemstones.

Finding Gemstones at O’Brien Creek Fossicking  Grounds. Before leaving home you can download the map of O’Brien Creek fossicking area from

When you pay a the Camp Grounds they do give you a map of the area. Very nice people. The local tourist shop in Mount Surprise will tell you where to go they do have fossicking tours also. Most people are friendly just talk to any one you see, everyone has different stories to tell.

What Gemstones you can find.

Gemstones that you can find is of cause Topaz, Crystals, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and more.

The Mount Surprise Caravan Park/Shop. Had a very large Aquamarine Stone, Stolen from them, there is a 20 thousand dollar,  reward out on it ,for any information.

While we where at O’Brien Creek one of the locals found a Blue Topaz the size of a golf ball. ( They just dug a two foot hole in the creek bed.)  One of our stone we found was a  nice big  blue topaz 59ct.   We also found lots off smaller stones in Topaz, Some very nice Smoky Quarts, Quarts Crystals.

Conglomerated Rock with Topaz.

This rock has Topaz embedded in it, What caught my eye was the sparkling stone on the out side of this rock


How to find Topaz.

Well some people are lucky and can find a topaz by walking around. Years ago Topaz was every where, you here stories about how easy it was to find a topaz.

Now days it takes lots of  digging, yes it is  hard work.

We were invited to move in to a hole someone else started. People were moving in as people were going. We found a nice blue topaz and a few small white ones, all cutters. Very Happy.

The whole a O’Briens Creek they moved a lot of really big stones, and sieved a lot of soil.

We were Sieving 20 sieves before finding,  one or two  small Topaz.

Being in the right place to find topaz is just luck, dig a hole and see, some people dig in the creek, along the banks, they will dig under a shady tree, next to the roads, around all those big Boulders that are every where, and in the water. Go for a walk, you never know.




Where are the Topaz.

Looking in the creeks for Topaz is all about luck, right spot right time. We went up a creek bed, had to climb all these real large rocks, People had taken all the sand out between these very large  rocks/Boulders looking for Topaz. Rocks/Boulders  are so big they climb in between them,  no way to move them. 

Once we came to a clearing in the creek bed , I sat down and said no more climbing for me, I am to old for this. We had a dig but found nothing.

Sand just of the Top.

My hubby  had the same idea, No more climbing for him. no more digging.  We found a shady spot and  sat down. We were over looking for Topaz.

My Husband  filled up a sieve with dirt where we were sitting., He was explaining how the water has to flows/runs this way through the creek. Yes, he found Topaz, just like that. Just Luck.

If you would like to here more stories about our trip to O’Brien Creek in Queensland, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

The picture below is the topaz we found at O’Brien Creek, June 2017.

There was stories about people finding Topaz the size of golf balls, when we were there.

O’Brien Creek 2019 June we are going again.

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