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Northern Territory Holiday. Making our way up to Darwin from Dunmarra.

Northern Territory. Holiday.

Saturday  we planed to, only  travel a small distance up towards Darwin, take our time but,  when we got to Elliot, it did not look like a good place to stay.

The  caravan park that looked empty had a 6ft fence around it,  with barb wire on top of it.

We traveled to the next service station which was Dunmarra.

Yes it was a dog friendly park.

Green grass was hard to find, where we stayed. Dust and dead grass every where.

One of my dogs is black and white. Gave up trying to keep him clean. He loved the bull dust.

Because we had dogs we were not allowed to go to a lot of places. Can not take them to National Parks,

do not know why, they are animals, we  seen lots of people behave really bad, rubbish everywhere.

My dogs are better behave then a lot of kids,  they make less noise, they are my babies. I love my dogs.



Saturday night  we spent at  Dunmarra.

Here there is a service station and caravan park. Yes they were watering what grass they had.

Our caravan holiday in the Northern Territory making our way up to Darwin.

Sunday  Mataranka was going to be our next stop, we turned of the highway  and went into  Daly Waters to have a look.

There was so many Caravan, campers and people every where, we drove up to the end of the street and turned around.

Here we seen a pig and bufflo. in a fence off area, sign said they were best of friends.

There was a pub and caravan park and other places to stay. People we talk to on the road, said they had a nice meal at the pub, and enjoyed seeing everything. Again we had dogs, so this was of limits again.

We Travel to Mataranka, Just before the town there is a sign to go to Mataranka Homestead.

First we had a look at the town, bought a pie for lunch, it was a very expensive pie.

After lunch we went to the Mataranka Homestead to camp, we booked in for 3 days.

Because we had dogs, we  where in a area near the front gate, no grass dirt every where.

I was entertained, watching how many people were coming in the gate, to have a bath in the springs.

Free bath.

No way I was going to the springs, my husband kept saying it is running warm water.

He went in 2 times, not me.

After leaving Mataranka Homestead, next stop was Darwin. we drove through Kathrine, I wanted to go shopping,

I love camping out, love the open country, but I wanted to put the dogs into doggie day care, and go shopping, and out for lunch.


Caravan van park Darwin, we booked into a discovery park , my husband booked in for 5 days. There was a doggy day care near by.



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