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Northern Territory Gold Detecting. Werrego Fossicking.

Northern Territory Gold Detecting.

Werrego Fossicking Fields.

The turn off for Werrego Fossicking fields is 10 kl north of  Tennant Creek.

There was 45 kl of bitumen road to the turn off Werrego Gold Fossicking fields.

There is a Tiny sign pointing to a dirt road. On the left of the turn off there is a gas refinery.

We travelled  ten kl, and came  to this sign.

We found a place to set up camp. People camp anywhere, there is old camp fires all over the area.

We put our large mat out because everything was bull dust, dirty, dirt. It was fun with two dogs, one black and white.


The area was very large, where to start detecting. roads went everywhere.

We detected up hills, in creeks, different places, only found tin and wire.

We spent three days at this camp. Had to leave as our water was running low.

We Never found any gold, we did give it a good go. we were in a area where a grader had gone our the area.

Ended up leaving it as all we were find was thin pieces of tin.

I was waiting to dig if we got a hit. I was looking for pretty stones nothing, not even nice quarts.

So our trip to Werrego Gold Field Fossicking was disappointing.

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night there Leaving Saturday Morning.

It was cold at The Werrego Gold Fields.

Our next stop was Powered Site a Dunmarra.

Here there was a services station, and caravan park only. Again lots of Caravans.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information about a gold fossicking area in Northern Territory.

If you know where I can find gold let me know.

I can not wait to get excited.

Have a great day.

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