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Maltese Cross-Staurolite Crystal- Mount Isa-Cloncurry.

Maltese Cross-Staurolite Crystal- Mount Isa-Cloncurry.

Where to find Maltese Cross, How to get there, What to look for. Buy Maltese Cross and Staurolite Crystal.

Maltese Cross.




What is a Maltese Cross.

Maltese cross is a stone that has a cross on both sides of the stone it is normal square shaped .The Picture above show the shapes of some of the stone I have found.  It has to have the cross on both sides. and to get a good one, it has to be real square .

Fairy Cross is a mineral famous for its twinned crystal that form in to a shape of a cross.

What is a Staurolite Crystal.

Staurolite Crystal.

Staurolite crystal is the same mineral as the Maltese Cross but has not quite got the cross formed. Above is picture of Staurolite Crystal. You can see the different shapes and sizes.

The name “staurolite” is from the Greek word “stauros” which means cross.( iron aluminium silicate).


Where to go to find Maltese Cross.

To find Maltese Cross and Staurolite Crystal around the Mount Isa/ Cloncurry  Area

The old road to  Wee MacGregor Mine.

Years ago we went on the Wee MacGregor Mine Road.  48k out side Mount Isa, this road is   rough,  you need a 4 wheel drive car. to travel these outback roads.

It is not,  that long  ago , we did the trip on the Wee MacGregor Road, it took 2hours to do 13 km, some parts I wanted to get out and walk, it was that rough.

2018 July  we went out to the Crystals near the grave sites at Highville

Some one has graded the road. A mining company is working around the old Wee MacGregor Mine.Going up to the tunnel to the left was a better road. Any going right to Wee MacGregor mine was a good road. travel along the Wee MacGregor road, and you will get to the Maltese Crosses. When you come to the cattle Yards on this road you have gone to far. Maltese Crosses are about 3k back.

The Maltese cross are on the Wee Macgregor road. So is Crystal Mountain. 

Finding the new road to the Maltese Cross.

Around Half way Between Mt Isa  and Cloncurry there is a rest area. A lot of caravans free camp there, in the cooler months of the year.  Across the road there is a grid that has a sign up for Fountain Springs-Rose Bug Station.

This is the back road  to the Maltese cross Fossicking Area.

Nice new road July 2018.



How do I fossick for Maltese Cross.

To fossick for Maltese Cross and Staurolite Crystal you need to sieve , not a fine sieve.  Yes you can get small Maltese Cross ,  It does take time to fossick for a good Maltese Cross. Very Dusty work.

2018 Update.

Went  out to look for crystal in July. 2018. And found the road had been graded around Wee MacGregor Mine. So if you go to Highville off the Fountain Springs Road and follow the road around. Click Here.

Maltese Cross Where to go,. Follow this road around. On your right you will see diggings. Holes.

If you come to the creek and cattle yards you have gone to far. 2-3 Km back.

Buy Maltese Cross.

One Maltese Cross with cross on both sides. Not real square. Cost $10.00 Postage $4.00.  Contact Me 

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