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Malachite- Gem of a Mineral.

Green Mineral.

Malachite is named from the Greek, Malache, in allusion to its green colour, which is indeed its most striking feature.

To the Geologist, it is a rich ore of copper.

To the mineral collector, A splash of vivid green, pretty colour mineral.

For Lapidary it is an easy worked and handsome gemstone. The rock below has been cut open to see what colour is inside.

A Base of copper Carbonate, it is heavier than most of the carbonate family. but with a specific gravity of only 3.9 , it could not be call a heavy mineral. It is a soft mineral, with a hardness of 3.5 to 4 Moh’s scale, it is tough and takes a good polish.

Copper Carbonate.powder.

This mineral some time occurs as a bright green acicular crystal incrustration, forming splendid velvety specimens. The Mount Isa and Cloncurry area of north Queensland you can find some really great specimens. Mining company dig large holes all over our country side, this is the best place to find Malachite, easy pickings. beautiful Gemstone/rock.

Visit Malachite and read more about this gem/mineral.

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