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Lead Rock-Lead Mineral.

Lead Rock-Lead Mineral.

What does a lead rock look like.  Images of a beautiful lead rock.

Out in the sun it looks like, it has millions of  shiny silver sparkles

Lead it a very soft material, cutting this big rock was a easy cut, using water.

There is other minerals that show up in this beautiful Lead Mineral Rock.

You can see native  copper  running through it.

This rock is beautiful, If is a very shiny rock.


Image of a lead rock that I cut in half.

Lead rock
Lead rock cut in half.

This  lead rock has natural copper running through it. Has sparkles of the Peacock ore.
To touch and hole this beautiful rock, if is a beautiful Rock. The inside of the rock show other minerals, and is not as pretty as the out side.

When cutting this rock, Lead rock  was so soft the blade just went through it  with ease.. The rock it self is very heavy to pick up.  Lucky the rock is so shinny, as it would be impossible to polish it being so soft.

Sources: Of Lead

Lead exists in its native form, though it is rare. Lead may be obtained from Galena (PbS) by a roasting process. Other common lead minerals include Anglesite, Cerussite, and Minim.

More pictures of this beautiful Lead Rock/Mineral, I found.



I Hope you Enjoy these pictures.

I live in a mining town, where lead dust is. They have TV adds, about what you can do to avoid getting lead poisoning.

How bad is it.?.

Lead toxicity, also often referred to as lead poisoning

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