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Lapidary Equipment Rock Hammer

Lapidary Equipment

Rock Hammer. One end digs dirt and the other end smashes rocks
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This is the hammer used to split and trim stratified rocks or dig into sediments. Its chisel end is handy for splitting shale layers in search of fossils. It’s also well suited for carving clean exposures of sediment layers like varied clays or lake beds to prepare them for sampling or photography. The hammer head is suitable for light chisel work. This hammer must not be used as a chisel, that is, by hammering on the hammer’s face, or it may chip

Rockhounds/Fossickers have several different rock hammers to choose from. One is usually enough for a day trip, as long as it is the right one. Suitable hammers can be found in most large hardware stores, although they may not be labeled as rock hammers. For many users, these are all they need for a lifetime.

High Quality. Yes.

Hammers of higher quality and different designs are available from specialty manufacturers and dealers. Heavy users, people with unusual physiques, rockhounds/fossickers who want a wide choice of options and someone looking for a special present should seek these out, but most people do not need a premium tool.

Tools From Discount Stores. NO

The important thing is to never use a carpenter’s hammer and avoid cheap, off-brand tools from discount stores. These can be made of soft or poorly tempered metal that may splinter or bend in heavy use, endangering the user and anyone standing nearby. Cheap materials in the handle may also strain the arm and wrist, perform poorly when wet or turn crumbly after long sun exposure. Some are not Safe to use.

Rock Hammer.

I use my rock hammer a lot when Fossicking, It moves the dirt better than any other tool.

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