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Lapidary Club- Mount Isa-Qld.

Looking for Gemstones-Minerals.

Lapidary Club- Mount Isa-Qld.

Clubhouse  – Isaacson Road Off Alma Street. Mount Isa.4825


Mount Isa Lapidary Club

Fossicking for Gemstones in North West Queensland

Find new friends that love to Fossick. Listen to there stories.

Find out where to go fossicking in North West Queensland (Members Field trips)

Find out what, Identify that stone is you found.

Learn where to go to find different Minerals-Rocks-Gemstones.

Mount Isa. Qld  Lapidary Club

Lapidary clubs have field trips and they show you what  gemstones to look for.

They take you to some great spots

Learn how to Cab your stones.. Our club have a lot of stones on display at there club house,  from all over the world, None of  them have much valuable.

Learning all about Gemstones-Rocks-Minerals, Rock Collecting, Cabing stones, Faceting Stones, Lots of Books to read,

Using the clubs Equipment for cutting and Polishing your Stones, Making Jewellery/Silver Smithing,

Listed to stories about what the club did years ago.,

How many people went   on field trips in the good old days.

Check out what other people have found.

Send your stones overseas to be faceted. where to sent them.

Lapidary clubs are full of information.
Need Help Contact Me.

I am a member of the Mount Isa Club.

The Club is open on Tuesday Night at 7.30 pm.

Thursday nights is Jewellery Night at 7.30pm.

Meetings are first Wednesday of every month. 7.30pm Club House.

Come down to the club house and have a look.

Love fossicking

Happy Fossicking.



4 thoughts on “Lapidary Club- Mount Isa-Qld.

  1. Hi Wendy, could u pls send me the club address & contact no to check jewelry ngt is on tonight pls?

    1. Hello Belle, I don’t know if I replied to your email( about Jewellery Nights) .
      Mount Isa Lapidary Club is of Alma St, one of the buildings in the creek.
      The lapidary Club House is White building near the big car park. Jewellery nights are Thursday 7.30pm
      Contact No 0447004885.
      Have a great day.

  2. Are you closing down meetings over xmas?
    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      To find out more about our club house closer over Christmas. Ring our Secretary on 0429619106.

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