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Holiday in the Northern Territory. with our two dogs. June 2021.

Holiday to the Northern Territory. with our two dogs.

Buster and Chantelle
Dogs on NT Holiday


Caravan holiday.

We love looking for gemstones- rocks, so that was part of our holiday.

We left Mount Isa about 9am. Camooweal  was 182 kl from the Isa.

We bought a bacon and egg burger there, very nice. Of cause we shared it with the dogs.

Next going across the Queensland and Northern Territory boarder.

Covid 19, we had  our paper ,we printed them out, of the internet to go into  the NT, before we left home.

Queensland had no one at the boarder on there side., checking drivers. Bit scary.

Up ahead is the Northern Territory boarder.


To travel into the northern territory you had to go on the internet and register when you would be traveling. June 2021.

Pictures above is the boarder. Where you showed your papers to cross.

Buster looking out the window, he was waiting for dad to stop driving.


The roads just keep on going. In the Northern Territory the roads are very good.

Queensland needs to employ the NT road departments, so they can make good roads through out Queensland too.

Next stop is Barkly Homestead, where we  filled the car up here. I never took any pictures.

Here they have a caravan park, and food and bar shop.

Next stop, for our first night,  was Wunara, free camping.

The Caravan with all its batteries and solar panels, makes life a little easy, when camping out.

There is over night parking. Lots of caravans were parked here for the night here.

While we were away, the dogs stayed on there leads all the time. It was very hard to fine green grass to let them play.

Gemstones we found here was Jasper and Ribbonstone and agate.

Travelling along the Barky Highway day two.  We drove to the three ways. Where the Barkly Highway joins the Stuart Highway.

There were lots of Caravans lined up to get fuel. Never seen so many caravans.

Most of the number plates were vic.  They say they head north to get away from the cold.

Alice Springs was not hot, it got down to 2 one morning.

Darwin had nice weather when we were there. We did have the air conditioner on., and it did rain one day.

All the shops had winter clothing out, no summer clothing. So there not much to shop for.

Back to our holiday to Northern Territory.

Next stop was gold detecting at Werrego fossicking.

Have a great day.


Gemstone Fossicking.




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