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Hand Crocheted Doilies- For Sale.

Crocheting is a great relaxing past time.

Over the Years my mother Ailsa did hundreds of handmade crafts while she was alive.

I have decided to give people a chance to own a of piece of my mothers handy work. Craft, she was a smart lady.

2 Doilies. Light Blue/Dark Blue. Sizer- 35cm x 35cm- -30cm x 30cm.
Size 35 x 35. . The ends are to be starched, so they stand up.
2 Round Doilies with beads. 22cm

Round Doilies.

Pinky-Orange Doily. 30cm.

White and Green Doily. 28cm

Cream Doily 26cm

Blue & White Doily 34cm

Pink & White Doily 29cm.

Yellow Doily 30cm.

Pink White Doily 30cm.

Large Doilies.

5 Sided Doily 63cm x 70cm.

Have a great day.

More doilies to come. Buy A Doily.

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