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Gold Rush Queensland. Capeville-Hotel Owner. Ah Pan’s. My Relation.

Geoge Ah Pan Grave Site.

Ah Pan.

IN 1828 in Canton China George Ah Pan was born.

In 1886 he died in Capeville (Cape River) Qld Australia.

My Gran Mother father Phillip Ah Pan Was Born 14 April 1874 at Cape River North Qld. Died 29/11/1968 Pentland. North Qld.

His wife Alice Emery born 7 Nov 1883 at Newbrandsmith Durham, England.

married 27 April 1904 Charters Towers , died 12 February 1959 Charters Towers.

There children. William Harold Stewart Pan, Mary Alice Pan, Edward Phillip Pan, Grace Olive Pan, Irene Agnes Pan, Percival Herbert Pan, Hilda May Pan, Ernest Daniel Ah Pan and Albert James Ah Pan, total of nine Children.

Australia gold rush.

He came to Australia with his parents, they were sent to Australia for the gold rush.


First came to Australia in large numbers during the gold rushes of the 1850s and 1860s; by 1881 there were more than 38,000 Chinese in Australia, mostly on the gold fields, and nearly all men seeking their fortune with an intention to return to China.

George was the only son. Married in 1856 to a Mary Ann Murphy born in 1838, in Leighbridge, Carlow, Ireland,.

Married in Victoria Melbourne. She died in Pentland in 1911.

After leaving Victoria he followed the gold rush , up to

Queensland, Charters Towers first, and then Cape River.


The Cape in 1868 was a decidedly rough locality, there being fully two thousand five hundred men, representing many nationalities, and among them the scum of all the Southern Gold Fields… Gold was easily obtained and much more easily spent. Dreadful stuff, called whisky, rum and brandy, was sold in shilling drinks, and there was no need to wonder that many of the poor fellows, after the usual spree, became raving maniacs. Picture in your imagination a mob of two hundred or three hundred half drunk semi-madmen running amok with each other in the brutal fights which were a daily occurrence!

By Richard Daintree

Capeville Queensland.

 This scene was photographed by geologist Richard Daintree and comprises part of a collection of over 200 photographic prints, many overpainted to provide colour, taken in Queensland during the mid to late 19th century.

Cape River

Gold Rush Days in Queensland Capeville out side Charter Towers.

Ah Pan, I would love to find out more about this man. One of my long lost relations.

Ah Pan was a Chinese publican at Capeville in the late 1860’s

In the 1868 Ah Pan and A.C.Bailey had hotels at Capeville.

In 1879 there was two hotels, the Exchange and Rickardson’s and in Chinatown Ah Pan was still running his hotel.

In 1879 there was a revival and the town grew to four European hotels, Ah Pan’s and Ah Ching’s Chinese Hotels .

In 1883 Ah Pan held both the Capeville and the Royal Charter Hotels.

By 1887 there were four business only left, Ah Pan hotel, still remained in 1890.

Ah Pan died in 1886. his grave is still there, on the grave stone, one of his son is buried there too.

The little girl is my mother.

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