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Gemstones-Come in all colours of a rainbow.



                                             Come in all colours of the Rainbow

Gemstones Precious gems, Organic gems, Mega Gems .

A Gemstone has some feature of beauty usually colour clarity surface patterning or distinctive feature.

Gemstone often look dull before they are  cut and polished.


Hello, and welcome to my gemstones  website. I am going to tell you about my fossicking/rockhound trips, and lot of  things I have found out about Gemstones.

A Stone- Rock

Really a gemstone or stone to me is pretty, some have bling others are just a coloured rock ,or dirty stone..  When you put water on them to show the colour. A rock that can have something inside, like  crystals or just patterns colours, beautiful colour.

The Beauty of Gems 

The prime requisite for a gem is that it must be beautiful. A gemstone can own its beauty to various properties: its depth of colour or transparency, its colour pattern, as seen in the opal ,(image above) or agate, the intensity of it brilliance, or the pattern light makes within it, as seen in star sapphire or cat’s-eye stones.

Preserving its polish.

It must also remain beautiful, withstanding wear and preserving its polish or other finish.

That gem in your ring you wear,  has to kept shinning.

What are gemstones?

As few as 20 minerals are commonly cut and polished into gemstones.

To be cut as a gem and worn, a mineral must be hard enough to survive abrasion, it must be beautiful for some feature– usually colour, clarity, surface patterning or internal inclusions. The rich , red colour of ruby, the colourless brilliance of diamond, the colour play of precious opal and the golden spangles in sunstone are all considered beautiful in their own distinctive way.

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