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Gemstones and Lapidary-Old-Magazine.

Gemstones and Lapidary-Old-Magazine, Great reading.

Old Magazine for sale. What Great Reading-Gemstones-finding-cutting-tumbling-faceting-equipment makings-road map and more.

Gem and Lapidary Magazine for sale.

June 1967.  Price $12.00  +  Free Freight–Australia.

All magazine have been used and are in good condition.

Contact Me.

The Australian Lapidary Magazine  Vol. 3, No 12   Sphalerite  Incorporating the fields of Lapidary-Mineralogy-Gemmology and Jewellery Craft.


1. Rock Bottom – Rocky Bridge Creek

It was a long week-end and we were all prepared for a relaxing few days in the wonderful New South Wales  country., with, of course, the ever-present chance of finding that elusive piece of colour. Little did we know just what we were heading for.

2. By way of Explanation. -A increase in the price of The Australian Magazine price 45 cents per copy.

3. Faceting for the Amateur.-  Few phases of Gem-Cutting Hobby Provides as much satisfaction as that of cutting a faceted stone.

From the beginning of professional gem cutting, and even up to the present day, it has been and still is accepted that a keen eye is all that is necessary to produce a beautifully cut stone.

4.Western Safari.

Eleven cars, 29 rockhounds in all, made landfall at 11am, and 15 minutes later, set off for Grants Patch, the prospecting area leased by the West Australian Lapidary group from the Department of Mines.

5. Swap Box.

6. Pushing on with the Hexagonal, Tetragonal and Orthorhombic Systems

7. The Little Jewel– Faceting Machine.

8. The Kidney Stone.

Rockhounds  will note that polished surface of  Jade cannot be scratched by a pocket knife blade. Any rock that scratches will not be a perfect piece of Jade.

9. Tips  and Tales.

10. A gem of a Holiday

Holiday with the family to the opal fields.

11. Mud maps

12. Monthly reports from clubs.

13. The Editor’s Mailbag.

These Magazine were made before internet. Great Reading.

More Magazine for sale.

The Australian Gemhunter.

February 1967.

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