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Gemstone. Zircon. Stones from Northern Territory. Australia.

3 Stones from Northern Territory. Australia.
These are call bombs. ( to many fractures). These stones can not be cut. Great for display.

Northern Territory Zircons.

We went on a one week holiday to a Zircon field, up near Gem Tree in the northern Territory in the cooler months of the year. June.
If was cool, it was bl…y Cold. 1 Degree first morning then, 0 degree the next.

We were self sufficient, we had every thing even the kitchen sink. Some of us had caravan, camping trailers and tents.
Yes we had our own toilet, there was a toilet on the Zircon fields.

First Day.
We were all excited to find Zircons.

We just had to start digging to see who found the first Zircon.

Finding Zircon, First you put the dirt in a sieve, then you put it in a Willougbhy, under that is a bucket of water,

you can put your sieve into and wash your stones, in a large bucket(tube) of water.
You can see Zircons, better when they are wet.
You can buy water at Gem Tree Shop.

Where do you start.

Some of the people that were, already digging were in big holes. Lots of holes.
There were five groups in our group, so we all went off to areas, were someone else had started digging.
Yes we were finding zircon, nothing great but we were finding them, some of our group were in big hole and small holes.
One of our group found a great cutter in a hole he started himself.

Yes we dug holes for 5 Days, we all found some good cutters, lots of bombs, to many fractures in the stone.
to do anything with. They do look good on display, or use them in planters.
Have a look at the picture.

One of the stones we sent away to get cut. (To buy this stone click on the picture.)

In June it was so cold, We never had waterproof gloves, which we really needed. It did warm up during the day.

We went to a few other fossicking areas.
Went and found dodecahedrons, They are all sizers and a like a garnet and has 12 sides.

That all for Zircons

You can always go to gem tree in the Northern Territory and stay in there camping area, and go on tag along trips.

Happy Fossicking


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