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Gemstone-New to looking for Gemstones.

How to identify a gemstones you are going to go Fossick for. (dig) 

New to Looking for Gemstone.

First Question what am I looking For.

When you are new to looking for gemstones, one of your first Question will be what am I looking for. You can look up the internet for pictures or go to a gemstone shop near where,  your going to fossick ( or dig) is the best way .

I always stop and usually buy a natural rough gemstone, that I will be looking for. PLEASE  Remember these people have to make a living so do buy something. Most of the time they have maps of the area and give advise to where you should start  looking, and what to look for.

I must say the best is the  tag a-long tours, they  are a great way to find out a real lot of information. Last on we did cost only $40  each.

If you need some help or do not understand about finding Gemstones contact me.

Sometime the directions are really bad, we have gone out several times, not been able to find a spot.

Happy Fossicking.


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