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Gemstone-Beryl Gems- Boulder Opal-gemstonefossicking

Beryl Gems- Boulder Opal-Gemstonefossicking

Gemstones-Read about the different gemstones, there colours and prices- starting with a B.

Beryl Gems.

Beryl Gems

Beryl in its purest form is completely colourless (goshenite). Trace impurities and colouring agents are responsible for the many different colours found in gemstone varieties of beryl.

Beryl is one of the most important mineral groups and also one of the biggest gemstone groups. Although the mineral is abundant, it rarely occurs in transparent gem-quality material. Transparent gem-quality beryl is referred to as ‘precious beryl’. The most famous beryl gemstone is green emerald, followed by blue aquamarine

Black Opal

Black opal is considered the most valuable of opal varieties. Black opal contains traces of iron oxide and carbon elements not found in other common opals. These combined elements give black opal the unique colour properties it is famed for.

Black opal is mainly found in Lightning Ridge of NSW, Australia. In 2008, New South Wales declared Black opal as its Official State Gemstone.


Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a green gemstone dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide. A form of chalcedony quartz, the name heliotrope comes from the fact that polished stones were once thought to reflect the sun.

Boulder Opal

Boulder opal is the second most prized form of opal, after black opal. The name derives from the fact that boulder opal is found embedded in ironstone boulders. The opal usually forms as thin veins within these boulders, and most stones are cut to include some of the host ironstone matrix. Boulder opal is sometimes referred to as opal in matrix for this reason. Boulder opal is especially attractive because, like the black opal, it has a dark body tone which adds vibrancy to the play of colour. The picture at the top of this post is boulder opal and from Opalton North West Central Queensland.

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