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The Agate.


At Agate Creek in Central Queensland. Where to go, What to look for. How do  I find agate. What does a Agate look like.

The Queen of Agate.

Agates are like beautiful women, you find one and you think she is the most beautiful creature God ever created.

Agate cut into three and tumbled.

Agate Creek In Central Queensland is not a place to go in the wet season, or if there is rain around. When we went to Agate Creek the road was well looked after, the road has a lot of hills, gullies, and creeks, a bit like a roller coaster ride. Some places the gravel is slippery on the road. To make your trip enjoyable slow down stop have a break. Have a look around.

4 Wheel Drive.

Having a 4 Wheel Drive is a good idea on dirt roads, travelling to Agate Creek was a beautiful drive seen lot of different animals, Birds, Kangaroo, Emu’s on the side  road. It was July 2015 everything was green.

Conventional vehicle, it will be a slow trip.  The road that is a oneline highway from Mt Surprise to Georgetown is worst than the Agate Creek Dirt Road.

Where to go.

The Agate. 

Cut Tumbled Agate from Agate Creek

 What to look for. What does a Agate look like.

We did a day trip to Agate creek in Central Queensland.  July 2015. We stayed the night at Mount Surprise, we did our homework on Agate Creek by visiting the local Gem shop in Mount Surprise and asked information about Agates and bought a Agate so we new what we were looking for. They gave us a map of the Fossicking Area. You can download this map visit. AgateCreekfossickingareamap(PDF.1.12MB).

Georgetown to Forsayth to Agate Creek.

We  travel to Georgetown, and turned of to go to  Forsayth, the fossicking area a Agate Creek  is about 70km on a dirt road  After travelling for a good hour we came to a camping ground on our right. Because we did not know,  what or where to go ,we decided to follower the road to the end .( we did have a map of the area) At the end of the road was another camping ground. We turned around and turned off, at the first turn to right, drove in as far as we could, got out and had a look around , there was smashed rocks everywhere, I picked up a lot of small whole agates. knowing I can put them in the tumbler. Had lunch and move on, We did the next turn to right, stopped at the creek bed first , there was agate in the creek bed, drove on where there was a lot of cows,  we had a look  around picked up a few more agates. Our next turn to the right was a long drive in. You have to stop and look around all the time, this  is where we found most of our agates. There was diggings everywhere, smashed agates everywhere. The different colours were everywhere. I picked up a lot of broken agates the colours were beautiful, they can be used for everything, like jewellery , cladding pot ,soap container and more.

Colour Inside the Agate.

The picture below is what  your looking for different colour  agates. The big one in the middle front row shows signs of crystals in the hole at the front. Wont know until it is cut, what colour is inside. One reason why there is a lot of smashed rocks, people want to know what is inside them.


The beautiful colours.

Agates from Agate Creek

When we got home and cut our stones, what beautiful colours. Agate Creek is must go back to places. Next time will spend a couple of days Camping at the first camping grounds.

Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa

Gooseberry Agates

Another place I went to for Agates. Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa. These were call Gooseberry Agates. Over time I have picked up a lot of broken ones, They have a lot of fractures in the stone, so they just crumble when you cut them, I don’t know if there is a chance of getting a whole one. But again lots you can do  with them. They have lots of colours like greens, red, dirty yellows and browns. Gooseberry because the outside is like a lot of small berries stuck together.

There is a lot of different agates across our beautiful country

Agates Gemstones.

Agate Gemstones are very beautiful when they have been Cab. Cut as cabochons and with its good hardness.  A wide variety of colors are available in the Agate Gemstone.

Need more information, or would like to buy agates,  please contact me.

Have a great day. Happy Gem Hunting.



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