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Gemstone-Garnet Fossicking: Fullarton River- Garnets. North Queensland.

Fullarton River- North Queensland fossicking area for Garnet.

Garnets here are a colour of purple/pink.

Garnet Fossicking:  Property Maronan Station.

The sign is near a tree.

Maronan Station.

Turn off is 60 km from Cloncurry, Near the turn off is a large Rest area with toilets.

Good road in to the Garnets.

The road in , is quite good, you do not need a four wheel drive.

There is signs to tell you where to go to find the garnets.

There is 3 gates you have to open and make sure you shut them.

On your way you will pass red arrows, tells you, your going the right way.

The dirt road in is about 20ks in.

No Fires.

As you get to the fossicking Area, you will see the designated area set aside for Camping, this is for two night stay only.

You are not allowed to light fires, for cooking, gas is the way to go.

Camping Out In The Bush.

When you go Camping Now days, you should be Self Sufficient. That means everything you might need you have.  Be  sure to carry  lots drinking water and Shower water, sufficient fuel for the return journey, and extra food just in case it rains and you get stuck. The use of a camping toilets are good, hate going camping and there is toilet paper everywhere.

Camels-other animals.

Camels and other animals, the bush is there home. You may be on your own in this location, but sometimes there are animals. Be aware wild Camels ,they are in most area in the bush,  you stay away from them, they stay away from you.  Don’t leave out any thing at your camp site, when you go fossicking.

Where to go Fossicking.

Up the hill. From the camp grounds, look directly up  where a large elongated hill will be seen,  anywhere along it you will find Garnets. It is this hill that is impregnated with Garnet . Some time you will see tracks up the hill , every time  I go, to Fullarton River, it is over grown, the top is were you find the Garnets, dig along the schists and in between the rows of rocks.   You should be able to find lots of Fractured Garnets on the surface also.

Pink- Purple.

The Garnets in this area have a mulberry tinge to their colour. Pink- Purple. The larger ones are desirable , but hard to find.  Small ones are great to tumble and use for a lot of  different things.

Hard to find Large Garnet

Finding that Large Garnet without Fractures is not easy work.

By cutting the stone in half, and faceting each side, good matching stones can be achieved.

The Queensland Department of Mines and Energy has designated tracks of land where Gemstones can be found. Many fossickers who have been there previously have dug holes in productive areas. Choose a hole not occupied by others and clean it out or extend the hole leading toward virgin ground. To know if the hole is occupied, it is common practice to leave a bucket or similar in the hole.  If you are the only ones there it all yours to dig in.

Dry Sieving , Wet Sieving.

Sieving  is a Method when trying to find Garnet, we used dry and wet. Filling your sieve up with dry dirt is very dusty. Using your Sieve wet, means you put it in water or use a spray bottle to water your stones in the sieve. your garnet will look like glass when wet.

Sieve the dirt and pebbles by holding the sieve up to the sun and looking through the bottom you should also see colour.

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Happy Fossicking.

Have a great Day.


9 thoughts on “Gemstone-Garnet Fossicking: Fullarton River- Garnets. North Queensland.

  1. hi there, my Name is Jesse Hulbert and I was out in this area (Fullarton River) today Sun 30/4/2017 and was wondering if I was in the right spot. On leaving the highway I went through a double gate not far in. The road went off to the left and came to a fork with a sign that pointed me to the garnets. Went through another double gate and followed a fence but before we got to the fence there was supposed to be a windmill on my left which I never found. The fence was straight and the road was alongside it and eventually went through another double gate and proceeded down the fenceline on a freshly gradered road. This took us to the foot of a hill where there was another single gate but no road through. The newly gradered road ended at that gate. Is this the right spot or did I get lost a bit. I did no gem hunting as I was unsure of the area. Please feel free to email me whenever practical for yourself and if you need to you can call me a “wally” or some other name for not finding the right place. Just want to respect the property. Thank You

    1. Hello Jesse,
      I just got back from a weekend in Karumba, No never caught that big one. I am in Mount Isa.
      Reading your story where you went at Fullarton River, I think you went to far. When you first go in on
      the road, you come to a gate, it is a closed cattle yard area, the gate to get out is straight ahead. Then
      you have only one other. Yes there is a sign (Garnet), that takes you right. As you drive in there is a hill,
      and roads to your left. Last time we were there we had to make our own track up that hill, it was very over grown.
      You should be able to see where people camp.
      Hope you find the Garnets Fossicking area.

    2. Hello Jesse,
      If you have a GPS put this in 21 S and 141 E.

  2. What kind of garnet usually you find in this area, is it gem quality and what is the biggest size you guys found so far

    1. Hello Shams,
      Fullarton River there is all different size of Garnets, we have found ones the size of marbles and smaller.
      Yes they are facet/Cab Quality. The colour is more pink/red than red.
      Happy Fossicking

  3. Hi Wendy. I was planning on visiting the Fullarton river garnet site in a couple of weeks . Although I have driven through the Winton-Cloncurry -Mount Isa area several times in the past, I never had the opportunity to fossick there and have never been into Fullarton river, Kurridala or anywhere else digging in the area. I know there was major flooding in the area a while ago – is the road in suitable to tow in an ordinary caravan (towed by 4WD)? And is there a maximum number of nights campers are allowed to stay? Cheers – Jason

    1. Hello Jason,
      Fullarton river Garnet area, I do not know if there is a limit of how many nights stay.
      I live in Mount Isa. Last time we visit, the fossicking Area at Fullarton River. the road was good.
      We climb the hill to get our garnets, camp at the bottom of the hill.
      Cloncurry has there gemfest the first week end in July. visit the Mt Isa stall to view garnets from Fullarton river.
      Happy fossicking. Wendy. Need more help leave comments.

  4. Thanks Wendy, much appreciated. Would you be able to point me to a map that shows exactly how to get from McKinlay to the Garnet digging spot? Cheers, jason

    1. Hello Jason, The turn off to Fullarton is 60km from Cloncurry.
      There is a rest area the other side of turn off.
      Last time I was there, there was signs up showing the way in to Garnets fossicking.
      The station is Maranon Station. I do not know where you can get a map from.

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