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Crystals- Pictures of crystals.

Pictures of Crystals found at Crystal Mountain in Australia.

Crystals found at Crystal Mountain in Queensland, Australia. All the Crystals found are on the mat.

Here are some close ups before cleaning.

Big Foot.
big foot cleaned.
this is big foot close up.

Lots more pictures of crystals.

Crystal Mountain is a very step hill. 4 men in our camp, only climbed up the hill 2 times in 2 days.

We camped over a long weekend, 2 nights.

It was a Lapidary Club field trip.

Hope you like the pictures of the crystals.

I have never seen crystal like this, and they are cleaning up really well, using a high speed sprayer.

It is red mud on the outside, some iron stone.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love to here if you have found crystals like this. Leve a comment below.

Happy Fossicking.

Have a great day.


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