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Crystal Systems 6 Main Groups

Crystal Systems 6 Main Groups.

Crystal Systems .

The Geometrical shapes in which Minerals Crystallize are organized, according to their size/shape, into six main groups called Crystal Systems.

Many Different Forms.

Within each of these Crystal Systems, many different forms are Possible, but all the forms in the crystal System can be related to the size/shapecub From the study of mineral habits, it may be possible to say which Crystal System the mineral belongs.

Cubic– Essentially cub-shaped Crystals though this category also includes octahedral- shaped (8-sided) or Dodecahedral-shaped (12-sided) Crystals.

Some of the Cubic Gemstones.

Gemstones to form in this system are diamonds, garnets, fluorite, pyrite, and spinel.

telTetragonal shapes.

A Form that is usually more elongated than the cube.


ortOrthorhombic Shape.

Prisms and flattened tabular forms are the typical features of this system.



monMonoclinic Shapes.

One of the commonest systems, this has a lower degree of size/shape than the cubic system.


triTriclinic Shapes.

The least symmetrical of Crystal Systems.




Hexagonal/ Trigonal.

Trigonal Shape
Hexagonal Shape


Two Systems grouped together here because their symmetry is similar



Topaz and Crystal.

A couple of years ago we went to a place looking for topaz. The man we went with showed  us what to look for. He showed us a crystal, and got us to count the sides. Then he gave us a topaz and got us to count the sides. The crystal has 6 sides and the topaz had 8 sides. Plus the topaz was very clear like cleaned glass. But then Topaz you find in a creek bed that has been tumbled, looks different.

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