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Crystal Specimens- Cleaning.

Crystal Specimens- Cleaning.

Cleaning Crystal Specimens by using Ordinary Household Acids.

Cleaning you small Medium size crystal you find.

Oxalic Acid is a Poison.

Can be bought from a cleaning supplier, that sells household cemicals.

This is powerful stuff, so read the safty instruction before use.

I use Oxalic Acid  to remove iron stain and other marks from your crystal.

Most of the time I use a Glass Jar for small crystal,  I do  use a bucket with a lid,for a larger supply of crystal. Using a large spoon to mix with, using to a five liter  bucket of warm water, mix 1 cup of acid.  Adding the acid slowly Stirring all the time until  dissolve.

Before adding your crystals you should clean them up as well as possible before adding them to your acid. Us your kitchen prongs to add your rocks to your bucket. After a week we will have a look at our crystals., give the bucket a stir and cover and let sit for another week. Some times they are ready, so we will take a few out. Make sure you use gloves when working with  your acid.

After taking out your crystal they should be washed in clean water. Then use washing up detergent to clean them again. Vinegar is a very good cleaner.  After this treatment, ugly crystal often come out surprisingly clean, clear, and beautiful.


Oxalic Acid is Poisonous to the skin as well as to the digestive tract. So don’t taste it or even smell it, and if you get any on your skin wash it straight away.

Cleaning stones there is lot of other ways. As I said before I do use a lot of vinegar and Bi Card Soda as a cleaner.

My Crystal.

My Crystal that get the Oxalic Acid are the one I get from Amethyst Castle, you might have a crystal that has a good point, but it is covered in a iron stain and you can not see anything, puting then in the acid get a lot of it off.

You can us your tumbler or I like to use vibrator, only because it is quicker to clean thoes gemstones.

Happy Cleaning.

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