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Crystal Mountain on the Wee MacGregor Mine Road.

Gutsake Hill.

April 2019 we travelled along the old Wee MacGregor Mine road. The bad hill, (Gutsake Hill) was not too bad. Gutsake hill it self is only for 4WD vehicles , it has lots of big holes.(washouts). The road itself is rough, some parts were bad, where people were on this road when it was wet, and they cut it up.

Crystal Mountain.

Where to find it on the Wee Macgregor Road. travelling along this road you will come to a old mine camp to your right. Going pass that there is a water tank on the side of the road. Next you will come to a creek bed, as you go through the creek, there is a road of it to your left.. Drive as far as you can on this road.

Walk Up the Creek.

Walk up the creek, for about 20 minutes, on your left you will see a cave at the bottom of a hill, on your left. You have reached Crystal Mountain, walk around to the left of the hill, and then climb up. You will see Crystals other people have dug up.

Finding Good Crystal.

If you want to find nice Crystals start digging. the crystal are in the red dirt.

Crystal Mountain in the distance. (White Quarts).

Good luck finding Crystals.

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Leave me a comment if you go to crystal mountain.

Find out another way to go to Crystal Mountain of Fountain Springs road.

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