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Cavoodle dog. Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dog.

Cavoodle dog.

My Dog has Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dogs. Loves Kids.

Buster is a male, Cavoodle. His hair grows really fast, Buster has long soft hair that needs cutting in the hot months every two weeks,

when you cut his hair it goes a bit curly. His hair is so soft, Buster needs brushing every other day.

It is hard to kept his mouth clean, only because he is white. I use dog wipes around his mouth.  I love my dog, love to cuddle him.

Cavoodle is a cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Buster is a medium dog, under 10 kgs.

Buster is a very smart dog, he lets you know what he wants, he either hit you with his pore or barks at you until you understand what he wants .

When we pick our car keys up, he is straight down to the car. If I go get a treat out of the cupboard, he knows he can not coming in the car.

Yes Buster is Black and white. He loves to rub his nose in the dirt like most dogs. I think his does it to get a bath.

We just had a holiday in the NT, bull dust every where. Buster had fun. It was hard to find green grass in the NT.

Busters hair is very soft, he can be cleaned with a wet rage and brush easy.

People always want to touch him, the look on his face and  his coat, very soft, he is a beautiful dog.

Below picture, Buster has a bone, Chantelle watches, and waits her turn.

Maintenance, his hair has to be clipped every two weeks. Buster just lets me do it. He does give me a fight when it comes to his feet.

Loves his bath. Buster is just a great dog. Good guard dog, no one comes in the yard, Buster comes and tell me.

Buster is loveable, he sleep with me, most of the time he spends laying on my feet. He is always near me.

He is a proud dad to 4 pups. None of the pups had his colours.

Buster watched and played with the pups as they got older.

Mother of the pups is a Schnoodle. Chantelle.

Pictures of  the pups.

His real life name is duke
Her real name is molly.
Her name is Peanut.
We new her as whitey

If you are interested in a Poodle Cross pup, Buster and Chantelle are pregnant, pups are due 19 th October 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Cavoodle dog. Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dog.

  1. Thanks Wendy . Very informative . Karan & I are visiting Cloncurry & will be in the Area Wednesday 22nd of September 2021.
    Tuesday evening we will stay at Kynuna . About 15 years ago I Supervised a Project in Mount Isa for 6 Months ; only fortunate enough to explore Gemstone Areas & Fossick areas for only half a day ! Please contact us during this time . Your goodwill has been already appreciated. Thank you Gary 0400735564 or Karan 0428517424

    1. Hi Gary,
      Thank You for your comment. I have sent you a message, to your phone no.
      Have a great day.

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