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Crystal Mountain on the Wee MacGregor Mine Road.

Gutsake Hill.

April 2019 we travelled along the old Wee MacGregor Mine road. The bad hill, (Gutsake Hill) was not too bad. Gutsake hill it self is only for 4WD vehicles , it has lots of big holes.(washouts). The road itself is rough, some parts were bad, where people were on this road when it was wet, and they cut it up.

Crystal Mountain.

Where to find it on the Wee Macgregor Road. travelling along this road you will come to a old mine camp to your right. Going pass that there is a water tank on the side of the road. Next you will come to a creek bed, as you go through the creek, there is a road of it to your left.. Drive as far as you can on this road.

Walk Up the Creek.

Walk up the creek, for about 20 minutes, on your left you will see a cave at the bottom of a hill, on your left. You have reached Crystal Mountain, walk around to the left of the hill, and then climb up. You will see Crystals other people have dug up.

Finding Good Crystal.

If you want to find nice Crystals start digging. the crystal are in the red dirt.

Crystal Mountain in the distance. (White Quarts).

Good luck finding Crystals.

Gemstone & Fossicking

Visit our online shop.

Leave me a comment if you go to crystal mountain.

Find out another way to go to Crystal Mountain of Fountain Springs road.

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Gemstones-Gemhunting- North West Qld-Fossicking Areas.

NW Queensland Fossicking Area’s

Mount Isa and Cloncurry area’s.

Looking for gemstones.

Looking for gems, Gemhunting with other people is more interesting than going by your self. Plus it is much safer in groups.  There is so many place to go between Mt Isa and Cloncurry, area.

All Year round Fossicking.

In the hotter months you do not do much fossicking because the rocks are even very hot, having  a air conditioners in your cars, and having shade when you go fossicking make it a nice day out. You have to start out very early in the morning. Out here it is day light at 6am and it is still day light at 7pm at night, in the summer months.

  When there is no rain.

Camping And Fossicking in cooler Months of the year.

I live in Mount Isa. North West Queensland. Only over the past 4 years have I been Interested in Fossicking for Gems- Stone. I am still a newbie. Lots more to learn. Fossicking is all year hobby. When there is rain, no way do you go on a dirt road, you are asking for trouble.

North West Queensland Fossicking Area’s.

You have to have a Fossicking Licence, before you can go Gem hunting in Queensland. If you are looking for gems-stones-rocks-gold, you have to have a licence,

Out here you can explore the country side, bush,  if you have a 4 wheel drive and a good GPS.  So easy to get lost.

Get Permission.

Remember the land belongs to some one, so you could need permission to go on there land. Find out from the locals Lapidary Clubs. Or go to Government website to find out

You are stupid if you go out exploring when it is wet. Raining.

We nearly  got caught, 3 times in 2016 June, July and October. We packed up quick, we could see the rain coming. We were lucky we did not get stuck in the mud. The clean up took a week to do. Not much fun.

Weather. No Phone.

In the North West we do not get very good weather reports, our report is possible showers that never happen. over phone coverage is gone 5 minutes out of town. That is why you show have a good GPS. Ours has bird eye view, so you can see the country side ahead of you. It tracks you where you go, and when you get out of the car, you put it in your pocket. No chance of getting lost that way.  If you have not got a GPS mark your trip, when you get out the car mark your track, use rocks.

Take your own water.

Take your own water, most of the creeks beds are  dry. Water for drinking and washing your hands and stones.

Out of Date Books.

There is a lot of books out there that are out of date. Pictures  Most  Placers  are not accessible in the wet.  our country is red/black mud. even a 4 wheel drive can not handle it most of the time. Going on roads after flooding only wrecks the roads for everyone else.   No one grades the roads we go on, if you check with your insurance company you will find even your car is not insured on these roads.

Want to go Fossicking.  Not Sure where to go.

If you want to go fossicking and you are not sure where to go, Ask your Question, I might be able to answer you. Most people out here are very friendly. Best idea is to go into the tourist shop, in the town you are visiting, buy a sample of the stone you are looking for. ( Remember to support these shops they have to make a living).

Places you can go between Mount Isa and Cloncurry.

Going from Mount Isa.

Mount Frosty.

Wee Macgregor Mine.

Crystal Mountain

Maltese Cross

Toms Mountain

Fountain Springs.

Old mine towns.

Smoky Crystals

Mary Kathleen

And lots more fossicking areas.

Some of the Gem Stones/Rock you can find.

Amethyst. ( lots of different shades).



Maltese Cross.

Peacock Ore.

Sunset Opal.


Smokey Quarts.

Quarts (different colours.)



Agate. There are lots of different ones.

Ribbon Stone.






Boulder Opal


Tiger Eye













Pink Quarts.

I have found the above in Queensland and Northern Territory. Australia.

If you are visiting Mount Isa. Visit Our local Lapidary Club

Have a great day.

Happy Fossicking.

If you enjoy this website please leave a comment.

This website is some thing new I am learning to do, so be patient, ask me a Question if I can not answer you, I will find some one else, that  might be able to answer you.

Happy Fossicking.



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Wee Macgregor Mine-2018-July.North West Qld.

Wee Macgregor mine in 2018. New way.

North West Qld Gem Fossicking.

July 2018 we went to a area, at the old grave site,  Highville, off the Fountain Springs road, Looking for Crystals.

Highville Grave Site. (old Mining Town.)

To find this place, as you drive along the Fountain Springs road there is information signs about the area. Get out the car and read them. You will be following the old rail line in.

Follow this road, turn right to go to the Mine.

Follow the orange poles left to take you up to the tunnel where the train  use  to go through,( in the old mining days.)

Years ago you could drive through the tunnel. The road up is a bit scary. Not sure walk the track first, You can not turn around on the track until you get up to the tunnel.

Turning Right.

You can go to where the Old Wee Mac Gregor mine was. Work is being done around there. So someone might be opening the mine up again.

To our surprise we were able to go all the way around to Wee Mac Gregor Mine, Pass where the  Maltese Cross are, on a new graded road.

Pass the mine the road got a little bit rougher,  We followed this road, and passed  the diggings of the Maltese Cross are on the side of the road.

Got to Cattle Creek. Then we turned off at the cattle Yards, and came out on the Fountain Springs Road again.

It was a hole day of Driving and looking.

We did find some very nice crystals.

Happy Fossicking.



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Wee Macgregor Mine

 Wee Macgregor Mine. where to go.

Yes there is another way to Wee Macgregor Mine.

The picture above is the tunnel above the mine.

Wee Macgregor Mine.


Wee Macgregor mine, I can remember going out there in the early 70s to visit friends, in those days it was a working the mine.

The good old days when the Wee Macgregor  mine was worked, the mining companies graded the road, they looked after them. Wee Macgregor Mine road at the end of 2015 was for 4 wheel drives only. A lot of books video tell you to turn off 48 kilometres out of Mount Isa. you go over a grid. This road takes you to Mount Frosty also. If you don’t know how to drive your 4 wheel drive do not go this way, the road is very rough.

Wee Macgregor Mine Road is for 4 wheel drives only.

The turn off to Wee Macgregor Mine is 48 kilometres from Mt Isa. Then there is, at less 2 hours of rough dirt roads ( and I mean Rough).very big wash out to deal with. There is one spot that you go up a hill, which is very rough, But the other side of the hill is more rough, very, very rough. We have heard of people getting stuck on the hill, because the are to frighten to drive down the hill, and can not reverse back.

It took us two hours to go 13 kilometres on this road, because it is very rough.

Our local Tourism does not upgrade the roads, but there do put signs up, in some areas of the outback- bush, that are of interest. Like old mine sites.

Yes There is another way to Wee Macgregor mine.

The turn off is nearly half way between towns. 58 kl east of Mount Isa And 60 kl west of Cloncurry. Next to the turn off, on the other side off the road ,there is a camping ground. In the winter month it is full off caravans. Free Camping. Summer months no one camps.

This road has not been grader for a while, because the mineral prices are down, and no mining companies are working out this way. Go on this road for 12kl, and you have to look for the turn off to right.


A You Tube video on Mt Isa in 1965. Nothing much has changed. Still big companies  like Mount Isa Mine, Xstrata and Glencore sucking  as much as they can get out of our land.  Xstrata and Glencore are not Australian companies. But over government let them do what they want.

Wee Macgregor is and old cooper mine between Mt Isa and Cloncurry.

There is more than two ways to get to the Wee Macgregor Mine.

Wee Macgregor Mine has been  lease again, by some mining company, so you are not to go out there.

On the way to Wee Macgregor mine you have Maltese Crosses and Crystal Mountain, to look for Gemstones.

Half way between Mt Isa and Cloncurry there is a Rest Area, across the road there is a sign to Rose Bud Station. That is the road to takes, you can go to Fountain springs this way. At around 11km along this road ,  there is a track to your right, it take you along a fence line, T insection go right it is about a good 3/4 hour trip in, until you come to a cattle yard, left is Maltese Crosses , Wee Macgregor Mine,and right is Crystal Mountain.

For More Information Contact Me

The last time we went out was 2017.

Enjoy your self looking for gemstones.