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My very own Website-Learn How to do it.

How to make your very own Website.

It takes Time- You can no do it over night.

Honestly I have to say a lot of time has gone into making my Websites. I started my Lesson at WA, in 2015. Wealthy Affiliate give you 10 free lesson. These lesson , make you want to know more about how you can earn Money, with a Online Business Website.

Above is a add click on it and have a look. The training in WA shows you how to do this, It is how some people make money online, using Affiliate Marketing.

When I Started my 10 Lesson.

I did not grow up, with computers, I can remember my oldest child using a computer at home for homework for school, my Daughter 2 years younger copied his work of the computer for herself. Schools do the same thing every year, just different kids. I am old school, I find it really annoying when people are always on there phones. When I started my lesson in Wealthy Affiliate , I found myself doing a lot of research. Finding how to do things. My surprise when I found out how you can do a Screen Shot, on computer, phone, copy anything. That was a spin-out, I could not stop laughing. Over time 4 Years nearly now, I am still learning, I have started earning peanuts.

I was enjoying myself learning new things.

I followed along doing the lesson, I new right from the beginning that it was going to take a long time to do. I am not young but time was the first thing against me. They say you can not teach old dogs new tricks. Not true. It took me a while to do the 10 lessons. I Followed along, I think it was a month before I decided to go premium, that when it started to cost me. First month was $19.00, and then, went to $49.00 a month. I ended up going Yearly , 7 Months into the course. That was $500 Australian.

I has been nearly 4 Years now.

I do not work on my computer most days, I should , I know. I have started earning little money. My website is selling a few thing to overseas countries, and other states in Australia. Some of my post are on the top off the google, bing pages. Not selling anything local, in my home town.

Wealthy Affiliate does work .

Have a ago, if you don’t now nothing about a computer, no worries on the internet there is so many people blogging about some thing you need to know. Type in your search bar what you want to know, lots of answers will come up. I have learnt that you do not pay for anything there is a lot of free stuff out there. Just be careful don’t believe every thing you read.


I enjoy the computer more than a phone. Phones are too small. Start to read something and you get a message from facebook. And using a computer you see more, and can do a lot more.

Wealthy Affiliate does work .

Yes Wealthy Affiliate does work. My websites are not very good and I have been seeing small results. I kept telling myself to do more work on my website, but other things kept coming up.

Have A Go.

Wealthy Affiliate Site.

Build your very own website.

If your answer is yes, when you sign up, make sure you have the time, they give you one week of live chat free, you can talk to members about what you are learning.

Enjoy Building your Website, Your very own Website.

Have a Great Day.