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Puppies. Schnoodle Cross with Cavoodle Puppies. Pictures of Beautiful Puppies.

Schnoodle Cross with Cavoodle Puppies.

Pictures of Beautiful Puppies.

Dog Breeders No.BIN0008219292754

Here is Mum and Dad.

The mother is a Schnoodle, her name is Chantelle. Colour is Dark Brown – Light Brown. (cream).

Chantelle is a beautiful Dog.

The father is a Cavoodle. He lets you know what he wants.

Buster as a little pup 3 months old.

Buster has a lot of hair. very soft to touch.

Buster is black and white. He does get dirty. But he does a good job of cleaning himself.


Buster and Chantelle

They really are a pair.

 First lot of Puppies Chantelle and Buster had.

21st October the early hours in the morning, she started. By 7am she had given birth to 4 pups.

Did all the work herself.

Chantelle was a good mum. She would go outside to do her business and straight back with her pups.

Dad just watch, for a distance.

Pups getting older.

Her a pictures of the pups.

More to come.

Next lot of pups are 9 weeks away. 17th August 2021.

My lovely Dogs.

They come on holidays with us all the time.

Have a great day.



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Northern Territory Holiday. Making our way up to Darwin from Dunmarra.

Northern Territory. Holiday.

Saturday  we planed to not travel so far up, take our time but,  when we got to Elliot, it did not look like a good place to stay.

Then the caravan park that looked empty had a 6ft fence around it.

It was hard to find green grass where we stayed. Dust and dead grass every where.

One of my dogs is black and white. Gave up trying to keep him clean.

Because we had dogs we were not allowed to go to a lot of places.

My dogs are better behave then a lot of kids, they are my babies.


Saturday night  we spent at  Dunmarra.

Here there is a service station and caravan park. Yes they were watering what grass they had.

Our caravan holiday in the Northern Territory making our way up to Darwin.

Sunday  Mataranka was going to be our next stop, we turned of the highway  and went into  Daly Waters to have a look.

There was so many Caravan, campers and people every where, we drove up to the end of the street and turned around.

Here we seen a pig and bufflo. in a fence off area, sign said they were best of friends.

There was a pub and caravan park and other places to stay. People we ran into on the road said they had a nice meal at the pub, and enjoyed seeing everything.