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Topaz Video. O’Brien Creek. North Queensland.

Finding Topaz-what to do.


O’Briens Creek,  is a sandy creek bed, with lots of really big rock.

You can dig in the sandy creek, or the dirt around O”Briens creek. 

A dirt road goes a full loop around it the creek.

Cross O’Briens  creeks and drive up the road along the creek, drive as far as you can.

Next road to take is:  You will see a turn off on your right, as you head to O’Briens creek for the jump ups.

This is one of the jump ups.

There is two, jump ups.


You might find a Topaz on the surface ( Lucky). Going in to O’Briens creek you will see all the large stones that people have moved and dug around.

We have been to O’Briens Creek 4 times now

This is our dig last visit to O’briens Creek. Found 49 stones in total.

Dig your self a hole , we found our  Topaz on the side of the creek banks, under the tree roots. 

You will need a digging tool, shovel and sieve, and lots of energy.

One visit to O’Brien creek ,our hole we shared with other people was 5 feet deep, when we left we had moved about 6 meters x 4 meters of dirt.

Lots of very large stones were moved.

The soil we were moving was sand dirt.  The whole was made on the side of the creek bank.

 Lots of people dig under rocks,  move the ones that are not too heavy. 

There is camp grounds at O’Briens Creek, Toilet/showers. cost us $10 a night each.

Do Not Park your Car or Van under the trees. To Many Birds.


This rock was found at O’Brien Creek.

Buy this rock.

It has two topaz showing. The rock is 7″ x 4″ weight is 1221g.

Need to find out more contact me

Always leave a comment.

Happy Fossicking.


This rock is for sale.


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O’Briens Creek Fossicking – Topaz. Smokey Quartz.

O’Brien Creek Fossicking. Topaz

Easter Weekend O’Brien Creek we went to find Topaz.

O’Brien Creek 2017.

O’Brien Creek is about 35 kl dirt road from Mount Surprise. You turn off the highway at the police house. Make sure you get all your supplies before you leave, there is no Shops at O’Brien Creek, and it is a good 1/2 hour drive back to Mount Surprise.

The Camp Grounds.

O’Brien Creek at that time of year, March-April. After rain, lots of insects, and water.

Outside the camp grounds at O’Brien Creek.

There is a camping ground before you get to O’Brien Creek Fossicking Area. The camping grounds have toilets and showers and lots of shady tree. Easter 2016 the creek had lots of flowing water. Really very nice camping ground. Cost was $10 each adult per night in 2016. There was a lot of people there.

The drive to O’Brien Creek fossicking, some parts you do need a 4 wheel drive. The creek did have fast flowing water, at Elizabeth Creek, that the creek that runs through , where the camping grounds are.

Fossicking Area.

Fossicking Area. The creek.

Fossicking there is no secret about finding gemstones, it is the work you put into finding them. We found a few small pieces of topaz. We moved rock in the creek. There is lots of big granite rocks everywhere, that people move or dig under, into the cracks,  to find Topaz.  Some people dig holes everywhere, 1 meter x 1 meter holes. We parked our car under a shady tree, never seen the hole someone dug. It was a close call.  You would think if they are going to move that much dirt, they would put some back.

Finding Topaz  is all pot luck, You just don’t know how many people have dug in the same spot.

I have been fossicking for around 3 years now, I don’t understand people that don’t leave the area the same as they find it.  Why dig a hole and just leave it, think  about the animals, that live there.

Topaz what does it look like.

Some times when you find Topaz, it looks like glass. Finding  topaz  at O’Brien Creek, that has been tumbled down a creek, in  the sand . looks like a dirty piece of Quarts, you  can find coloured ones. Topaz that you find out side the creek beds are like glass. Topaz has 8 sides. Quarts have 6 sides.

Topaz, being a heavy stone, works its way underneath big rocks and gets caught in crevices. So to find them you’ve got to move the big stuff… Lots of hard work moving big stones and lots of dirt.

When we went to O’Brien Creek  at Easter 2017, the creek was flowing, there was some birds, not as many as in the video. And every thing was nice and green.

Map of O’Brien Creek from   When you go to the fossicking area, go across the creek and turn Right, have a look around.

Finding Topaz is all about luck, dig a hole and find out.

One lady found one the size of a golf ball. The biggest one we found was 59cts 2017.

Happy Fossicking, Enjoy your trip to O’Brien Creek.

We have been back to O’Brien Creek. 2019 Keep watch for our latest trip to O’Brien Creek.

Please leave a comment tell us how much Topaz you found. Leave pictures of your Topaz.