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Caravan Holiday- Top to the bottom of Australia. Inland Australia.

Caravan and Car. Dog Buster. purple flowers on ground.

Travelling from Mount Isa to Darwin five-week holiday. Starting out in June 2021.

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In 2022 we had a 2 Month Holiday, going from Mount Isa -Tennant Creek-Gumtree- Alice Springs-Kulgera-Marla- Coober Pedy-Woomera-Pimba- Port Augustra-Port Lincoln- Coffin Bay- Williamstown – Wirrabarra Markets- Barossa Area- Broken Hill- Cobar- Lighting Ridge- Dalby- Brisbane- Gold Coast-Mount Cotton-Roma- Emerald- Barcolene-Longreach- Winton-Cloncurry- Mount Isa.

Travelling in the cooler months of the year. June. Temperature was around 10 in the mornings then 20, the days were good. We left Mount Isa at 9am in the morning.

Our first stop was Camooweal, here we bought bacon and egg burgers, very nice. Fuel was $2.59. (It was the most expensive fuel we seen our whole trip.

Next, we stop at Barkly Homestead to give the dogs a walk. Did not see the price of fuel there.

At 3-20pm we stop for the night, free camping at Frewena camp area.

We were 505km from home.

Our camp in the distance.

At the campgrounds at Frewena it was beautiful and green., purple flowers everywhere. There was a water hole in the distance.

Jasper stone

Here we picked up Jasper. All different colors

Take your Rubbish with you.

At the campgrounds some people do not care about others. They cannot understand to take their own rubbish with them, there are bins, but you do not leave food rubbish in them for the animals to eat out of, the mess they make is unbelievable. All the bins here were overflowing with rubbish, and people were still leaving rubbish.

Look after our wildlife.

Next Stop on day 2 of our holiday was Tennant Creek. This is our first fill up after leaving Mount Isa.

Fuel here was $246.76, our car took 102.86lts.

We were told not to stay in Tennant Creek. next free camp was Taylor Creek 181km away from Tennant Creek, going south.

Here it was very cold during the night, only 6c in the night/morning. Here we learnt about Deisel heater for caravans.

First time we have heard of them.

Here at Taylors Creek, it was cold and there was a cattle yard there, the cattle were very noisy

Next stop was fuel as we were, turning of and going to Gemtree, for a week fossicking.

Here fuel was $2.99 lt. We knew from last visit here, fuel was expensive.

Gemtree Caravan Park. All we wanted was electric so we could turn the heater on.

Fossicking in the NT.

When fossicking, every state has their own rules. It is a real pain. N.T. fossicking is free., only in areas they have set aside for fossicking.

Lookout for more on our holiday from Mount Isa -Top to the bottom of Australia. Inland Australia.

Happy Holidays

Happy Fossicking.

Have yourself a great day.


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