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Broken Hill NSW. Minerals.

Broken Hills is in NSW.

Finding out information about the Minerals that are from Broken Hill only, was not easy.

I purchased a container of stones for my collection, I should have read it better. the outback, it was stones from all over Australia. Very poor quality.

The collection did say minerals of Broken Hill & Outback Australia.

Collection of stones I paid $40 at Broken Hill

Not very happy with this collection of stones. The green rock has been painted, it supposed to be Malachite, I think.

The orange is small bits of calcite stuck together with glue, purple stone is Amethyst, crystal colored and stuck together. They are not real.

I come from Northwest Queensland where you can pick up a lot of different minerals all listed here. Calcite and Amethyst is not hard to find out this way.

Minerals from the Broken Hill area.

Azurite, Galena, Smoky Quartz, Biotite, Sphalerite, Zinc, Calcite, Pyrite, Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Atacamite, Mangano, Calcite, Mica, Garnet, Cerussite, Peacock Ore, Quartz, Bustamite.

The old mine shafts,

You can go for a drive and see the old mine operations; it is only one street over from the main street of Broken Hill.

The houses in Broken Hill, are very close together, they have some good shops there also.


We found this in a flyer.

Geology of the broken hill region.

Mineral Fossicking. Broken Hill.

Broken Hill is famous for a wide variety of dazzling minerals specimens.

Although most are museum-quality specimens are found underground, spectacular minerals can still be found on the surface, in outcrop and around old workings. Large red Garnet crystals, green-feldspar pegmatite, brassy yellow pyrite cubes and rhodonite (manganese silicate) are common. Base metal minerals are common. They include sulfides of zinc (e.g., sphalerite), copper (e.g., chalcopyrite). and lead (e.g., galena). and carbonates of zinc (smithsonite) copper (e.g., malachite and azurite) and lead (e.g., cerussite).

For more information on fossicking go to:

We went to the main information center. To find out where we could go fossicking for minerals, gemstone in the area.

Would of love to be able to go fossicking while we were in Broken Hill, but it did not happen. That is why I bought the mineral collection from Broken Hill.

They could not tell us anything. Very disappointed with our results from there.

One good result was they sent use to Mining and Mineral Museum. It was not open when we first went, it is only open certain days of the week.

The minerals on display were giant’s beautiful specimens. One big Silver Nugget. Yes, it was worth going to see.

The rocks-stones are great to see in large forms.

Then I tried to buy silver, again that never happen, I ended up buying these.

A pure silver broken hill coin from the silver city mint.


Broken Hill Silver coin.
Broken Hill Silver Pendant.

I tried to buy a silver nugget, but I had to settle with a coin and pendant.

Well I can say I have been to Broken Hill, not much there. It is yet another mining town.

The Caravan Park we stayed in was OK. We travel with our dogs; they are our fur babies. One thing Broken Hill Caravan Park had was grass.

Happy Fossicking, looking for gems.

Have a great day.


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