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Amethyst- Found in North Queensland. Mount Isa-Cloncurry Area.

Amethyst   Found in far North Queensland Australia. Near Cloncurry.

 Gemstone  Amethyst. Comes in lots of different shades of purple, and other colours.

Why– Is it my favourite colour Gemstone.

It is my Birthstone, and it is very pretty and come in lots of colours, and there is lots of different Amethyst around here to find, plus it is not hard work to find Amethyst. The digging is easy.

Amethyst come in all different colours of purple from clear to  light purple, right up to dark, to  dark purple. There is other colours of Amethyst, like green-yellow? I think they have been heat treated by the sun. The Amethyst picture above  is of a piece of Amethyst straight  out of the ground. The top has crystal points, and the top/middle  will be Chevron Amethyst. The bottom will be a quartz not much good for anything other than the garden.

Easy to Find Amethyst.

To find this stone we drove our  4 wheel drive and parked it under a shady tree, put up a shade cover and started digging a hole.  At first we came across a lot of small points. The rock in the picture is ok. We found lots of amethyst like this one . The rock  will show it’s real beauty when it is cut & cleaned.

Top off the rock is dark purple points.

What To Look For.

The picture in the Featured image you can see the tips are chipped. What you real want out of this stone. To cut the top off and find a clear piece of Amethyst, with no fracture lines. To do a faceted cab stone, the size of five cent piece or a bit bigger .

How many buckets of Amethyst did I bring back home.

Well only two, What I have done so far with my Amethyst. I have cut some of the tops off the crystal to see if I can get a clear crystal with, veins of dark purple. I did but they had fractures, I had a lot that just crumbled, when they went under the wheel, they all went in the vibrator with all the little pieces I picked up.

I don’t understand why people have to smash rocks out in the field, they must cry if they smash a good one.

I have tumbled some amethyst, I did not cut any to shape, they came out really great all different sizes . Next time I will cut them in to a shape. My husband has only faceted, one of the stones in diamond cut, and he has a flat stone to do free form, on his machine if it works out it should be a  beautiful stone to put a bezel around.

Made a Gem Trees with all the small smashed stones. I when around with a drink bottle and filled it up with small dark purple Amethyst. To shine them I used a vibrator, as it only takes a week and the small rocks come out shaped better, not rounded like they come out of a tumbler.

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron Amethyst

Chevron amethyst you can tumble, which  comes out real shinny, the stones are good to use for all types of jewellery or, cut the different patterns and colours and cab the stone. Chevron is the v shapes  patterns in the rock. This rock is everywhere and all colours of purples and white. It is a very nice stone cut or not cut.

So we can see the colour, at the top of the stone, we soak our stones in acid for about 3 months. All the brown come off and you can see the colour of the rock better when cutting it.

We normally  go out for a couple of days, as this spot, you have to get permission to go. Great camping area at no cost. You have to take everything you need no shops for 3 hour drive.

To find where we go to get this stone. leave a comment as the story about camping out is coming soon.

Please leave a comment , Tell me and everyone  your story about a gemstone that you have found. If you would like any of the stones or rocks I have taken pictures off,   let me know, we can work something out.

Most times it is easier to buy, than have to travel to find them.

Happy Fossicking.

Have a great day.


This rock is from Crystal Mountian, 1/2 way between Mount Isa and Cloncurry.
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Gemstones-Gemhunting- North West Qld-Fossicking Areas.

NW Queensland Fossicking Area’s

Mount Isa and Cloncurry area’s.

Looking for gemstones.

Looking for gems, Gemhunting with other people is more interesting than going by your self. Plus it is much safer in groups.  There is so many place to go between Mt Isa and Cloncurry, area.

All Year round Fossicking.

In the hotter months of the year, you do not do much fossicking because the rocks are even very hot, having  a air conditioners in your cars, and having shade when you go fossicking,  make it a nice day out.

You have to start out very early in the morning. Out here it is day light at 6am and it is still day light after 7pm at night, in the summer months.

  When there is no rain.

Camping And Fossicking in cooler Months of the year.

I live in Mount Isa. North West Queensland. Only over the past 4 years have I been Interested in Fossicking for Gems- Stone. I am still a newbie. Lots more to learn.

Fossicking is all year hobby. When there is rain, no way do you go on a dirt road, you are asking for trouble.

The roads turn to mud very quickly, plus it a good idea to kept of wet dirt roads. Only destroys the dirt  roads, no one come along and fixes them.

North West Queensland Fossicking Area’s.

You have to have a Fossicking Licence, before you can go Gem hunting in Queensland. If you are looking for gems-stones-rocks-gold, you have to have a licence when doing it in Qld.

Out here you can explore the country side, bush,  if you have a 4 wheel drive and a good GPS.  So easy to get lost.

Get Permission.

Remember the land belongs to some one, so you could need permission to go on there land. Find out from the locals Lapidary Clubs. Or go to Government website to find out

No Fossicking- Looking for Gemstones when it rains.

You are stupid if you go out exploring when it is wet. Raining.

We nearly  got caught, 3 times in 2016 June, July and October. We packed up quick, we could see the rain coming. We were lucky we did not get stuck in the mud. The clean up took a week to do. Every thing was wet. Not much fun.

Weather. No Phone.

In the North West we do not get very good weather reports, our report is possible showers that never happen. over phone coverage is gone 5 minutes out of town. That is why you show have a good GPS. Ours has bird eye view, so you can see the country side ahead of you. It tracks you where you go, and when you get out of the car, you put it in your pocket. No chance of getting lost that way.  If you have not got a GPS mark your trip, when you get out the car mark your track, use rocks, stack them on top of each other.

Take your own water.

Take your own water, most of the creeks beds are  dry. Not for drinking.

Water for drinking and washing your hands, must have. Take extra, as much as you can.

Out of Date Books.

There is a lot of books out there that are out of date. Pictures  Most  Placers  are not accessible in the wet.  our country is red/black mud. even a 4 wheel drive can not handle it most of the time. Going on roads after flooding only wrecks the roads for everyone else.   No one grades the roads we go on, if you check with your insurance company you will find even your car is not insured on these roads.

Want to go Fossicking.  Not Sure where to go.

If you want to go fossicking and you are not sure where to go, Ask your Question, I might be able to answer you. Most people out here are very friendly. Best idea is to go into the tourist shop, in the town you are visiting, buy a sample of the stone you are looking for. ( Remember to support these shops they have to make a living).

Places you can go between Mount Isa and Cloncurry.

Have a day out.

Go to where the rest stop is half way between Mount Isa and Cloncurry.

On the right side of the road there is a sign Fountain Springs.

Drive along this road, stop and read the signs.



Going from Mount Isa.

Mount Frosty.

Wee Macgregor Mine.

Crystal Mountain

Maltese Cross

Toms Mountain

Fountain Springs.

Old mine towns.

Smoky Crystals

Mary Kathleen

And lots more fossicking areas.

Some of the Gem Stones/Rock you can find.

Amethyst. ( lots of different shades and colours).



Maltese Cross.

Peacock Ore.

Sunset Opal.


Smokey Quarts.

Quarts (different colours.)



Agate. There are lots of different ones.

Ribbon Stone.






Boulder Opal


Tiger Eye













Pink Quarts.

I have found the above in Queensland and Northern Territory. Australia.

If you are visiting Mount Isa. Visit Our local Lapidary Club

Have a great day.

Happy Fossicking.

If you enjoy this website please leave a comment.

This website is some thing new I am learning to do, so be patient, ask me a Question if I can not answer you, I will find some one else, that  might be able to answer you.

Happy Fossicking.



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Aragonite- Calcium Carbonate Mineral. Brown Aragonite Egg Natural Banded Mineral Polished Crystal Stone Egg shaped.

Blue Aragonite

Aragonite- Calcium Carbonate Mineral.

Brown Aragonite Egg Natural Banded Mineral Polished Crystal Stone Egg Shaped.

Aragonite is a sought-after stone because of its metaphysical properties.

It is believed to help raise your Kundalini and even connect you to your spiritual guides.

Aragonite is a stone of well-being that will invite abundance, prosperity, and peace into a person’s life.

Properties Of Aragonite

Physical Properties

Aragonite is also known as tchazar crystal and tufa. This carbonate gemstone is usually colorless or white in color.

However, there are Aragonite stones that have subdued shades of blue, green, brown, orange, yellow, and red.

Aragonite has a hardness of 3.5- 4 on the Moh’s scale and a specific gravity of about 2.94.

Discovery Of Aragonite.

It was discovered in 1978 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name.

Aragonite is usually mined in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico.

This Aragonite Stone was  in India, Morocco.


Growth and Inner Strength.

Allow Aragonite to ignite strength and guide you through the storm.

This stone supports you as you face difficult challenges, helping you cross the road to freedom and opportunity to manifest positive changes within yourself and you life.

A stone with strong connection to the earth, the powerful healing properties support your growth and transform and keeping you levelheaded and focused on the journey ahead.

Aragonite is an excellent stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth.

Use of Aragonite stone.

Aragonite is a stone that will make gorgeous jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and brooches.

Aragonite jewellery is quite fragile, though, so proper care should be given in wearing and cleaning them.

You can wash your Aragonite jewelry with warm water and mild soap.  Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners because they may dull its Shine/sparkle.

You should also remove them if you will be engaging in rough physical activities.

Very hard to fine jewellery in this mineral, because of the stones softness.

Have a great day


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Caravan Holiday- Top to the bottom of Australia. Inland Australia.

Caravan and Car. Dog Buster. purple flowers on ground.

Travelling from Mount Isa to Darwin five-week holiday. Starting out in June 2021.

more information

In 2022 we had a 2 Month Holiday, going from Mount Isa -Tennant Creek-Gumtree- Alice Springs-Kulgera-Marla- Coober Pedy-Woomera-Pimba- Port Augustra-Port Lincoln- Coffin Bay- Williamstown – Wirrabarra Markets- Barossa Area- Broken Hill- Cobar- Lighting Ridge- Dalby- Brisbane- Gold Coast-Mount Cotton-Roma- Emerald- Barcolene-Longreach- Winton-Cloncurry- Mount Isa.

Travelling in the cooler months of the year. June. Temperature was around 10 in the mornings then 20, the days were good. We left Mount Isa at 9am in the morning.

Our first stop was Camooweal, here we bought bacon and egg burgers, very nice. Fuel was $2.59. (It was the most expensive fuel we seen our whole trip.

Next, we stop at Barkly Homestead to give the dogs a walk. Did not see the price of fuel there.

At 3-20pm we stop for the night, free camping at Frewena camp area.

We were 505km from home.

Our camp in the distance.

At the campgrounds at Frewena it was beautiful and green., purple flowers everywhere. There was a water hole in the distance.

Jasper stone

Here we picked up Jasper. All different colors

Take your Rubbish with you.

At the campgrounds some people do not care about others. They cannot understand to take their own rubbish with them, there are bins, but you do not leave food rubbish in them for the animals to eat out of, the mess they make is unbelievable. All the bins here were overflowing with rubbish, and people were still leaving rubbish.

Look after our wildlife.

Next Stop on day 2 of our holiday was Tennant Creek. This is our first fill up after leaving Mount Isa.

Fuel here was $246.76, our car took 102.86lts.

We were told not to stay in Tennant Creek. next free camp was Taylor Creek 181km away from Tennant Creek, going south.

Here it was very cold during the night, only 6c in the night/morning. Here we learnt about Deisel heater for caravans.

First time we have heard of them.

Here at Taylors Creek, it was cold and there was a cattle yard there, the cattle were very noisy

Next stop was fuel as we were, turning of and going to Gemtree, for a week fossicking.

Here fuel was $2.99 lt. We knew from last visit here, fuel was expensive.

Gemtree Caravan Park. All we wanted was electric so we could turn the heater on.

Fossicking in the NT.

When fossicking, every state has their own rules. It is a real pain. N.T. fossicking is free., only in areas they have set aside for fossicking.

Lookout for more on our holiday from Mount Isa -Top to the bottom of Australia. Inland Australia.

Happy Holidays

Happy Fossicking.

Have yourself a great day.


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Broken Hill NSW. Minerals.

Broken Hills is in NSW.

Finding out information about the Minerals that are from Broken Hill only, was not easy.

I purchased a container of stones for my collection, I should have read it better. the outback, it was stones from all over Australia. Very poor quality.

The collection did say minerals of Broken Hill & Outback Australia.

Collection of stones I paid $40 at Broken Hill

Not very happy with this collection of stones. The green rock has been painted, it supposed to be Malachite, I think.

The orange is small bits of calcite stuck together with glue, purple stone is Amethyst, crystal colored and stuck together. They are not real.

I come from Northwest Queensland where you can pick up a lot of different minerals all listed here. Calcite and Amethyst is not hard to find out this way.

Minerals from the Broken Hill area.

Azurite, Galena, Smoky Quartz, Biotite, Sphalerite, Zinc, Calcite, Pyrite, Amethyst, Selenite, Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Atacamite, Mangano, Calcite, Mica, Garnet, Cerussite, Peacock Ore, Quartz, Bustamite.

The old mine shafts,

You can go for a drive and see the old mine operations; it is only one street over from the main street of Broken Hill.

The houses in Broken Hill, are very close together, they have some good shops there also.


We found this in a flyer.

Geology of the broken hill region.

Mineral Fossicking. Broken Hill.

Broken Hill is famous for a wide variety of dazzling minerals specimens.

Although most are museum-quality specimens are found underground, spectacular minerals can still be found on the surface, in outcrop and around old workings. Large red Garnet crystals, green-feldspar pegmatite, brassy yellow pyrite cubes and rhodonite (manganese silicate) are common. Base metal minerals are common. They include sulfides of zinc (e.g., sphalerite), copper (e.g., chalcopyrite). and lead (e.g., galena). and carbonates of zinc (smithsonite) copper (e.g., malachite and azurite) and lead (e.g., cerussite).

For more information on fossicking go to:

We went to the main information center. To find out where we could go fossicking for minerals, gemstone in the area.

Would of love to be able to go fossicking while we were in Broken Hill, but it did not happen. That is why I bought the mineral collection from Broken Hill.

They could not tell us anything. Very disappointed with our results from there.

One good result was they sent use to Mining and Mineral Museum. It was not open when we first went, it is only open certain days of the week.

The minerals on display were giant’s beautiful specimens. One big Silver Nugget. Yes, it was worth going to see.

The rocks-stones are great to see in large forms.

Then I tried to buy silver, again that never happen, I ended up buying these.

A pure silver broken hill coin from the silver city mint.


Broken Hill Silver coin.
Broken Hill Silver Pendant.

I tried to buy a silver nugget, but I had to settle with a coin and pendant.

Well I can say I have been to Broken Hill, not much there. It is yet another mining town.

The Caravan Park we stayed in was OK. We travel with our dogs; they are our fur babies. One thing Broken Hill Caravan Park had was grass.

Happy Fossicking, looking for gems.

Have a great day.


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Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021. Day 4.

Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.

Fouth Day, Beautiful Pups.

Mother name is Chantelle, she is a Schnoodle. X between a Schnauzer and a poodle.

Fathers name is Buster. X between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle.


Buster looking out the window while we are driving.

Our puppies are all putting on weight.

Weights on the 4th day .

I have numbered them one to six.

No 1 =330 g  Boy.

No 2 = 256g  Girl

No3 = 251g  Boy

No 4 = 234g  Girl

No 5  = 233  Girl.

No 6 = 203  Boy.



Chantelle got upset when I took her pups today.

Buster watched.

My dogs are Adorable, Intelligent Friendly, Loveable and more. All round beautiful dog that put smiles on your face.

They are very good Companion and protective dogs.

We sold all the pups.



leave a comment.

Pups will be Mirochiped and Vaccinated before they go to there forever home.

They leave for there Forever Homes a  week before Christmas.

Have a Great day.

All pups have been sold.


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Gold Rush Queensland. Capeville-Hotel Owner. Ah Pan’s. My Relation.

Geoge Ah Pan Grave Site.

Ah Pan.

IN 1828 in Canton China George Ah Pan was born.

In 1886 he died in Capeville (Cape River) Qld Australia.

My Gran Mother father Phillip Ah Pan Was Born 14 April 1874 at Cape River North Qld. Died 29/11/1968 Pentland. North Qld.

His wife Alice Emery born 7 Nov 1883 at Newbrandsmith Durham, England.

married 27 April 1904 Charters Towers , died 12 February 1959 Charters Towers.

There children. William Harold Stewart Pan, Mary Alice Pan, Edward Phillip Pan, Grace Olive Pan, Irene Agnes Pan, Percival Herbert Pan, Hilda May Pan, Ernest Daniel Ah Pan and Albert James Ah Pan, total of nine Children.

Australia gold rush.

He came to Australia with his parents, they were sent to Australia for the gold rush.


First came to Australia in large numbers during the gold rushes of the 1850s and 1860s; by 1881 there were more than 38,000 Chinese in Australia, mostly on the gold fields, and nearly all men seeking their fortune with an intention to return to China.

George was the only son. Married in 1856 to a Mary Ann Murphy born in 1838, in Leighbridge, Carlow, Ireland,.

Married in Victoria Melbourne. She died in Pentland in 1911.

After leaving Victoria he followed the gold rush , up to

Queensland, Charters Towers first, and then Cape River.


The Cape in 1868 was a decidedly rough locality, there being fully two thousand five hundred men, representing many nationalities, and among them the scum of all the Southern Gold Fields… Gold was easily obtained and much more easily spent. Dreadful stuff, called whisky, rum and brandy, was sold in shilling drinks, and there was no need to wonder that many of the poor fellows, after the usual spree, became raving maniacs. Picture in your imagination a mob of two hundred or three hundred half drunk semi-madmen running amok with each other in the brutal fights which were a daily occurrence!

By Richard Daintree

Capeville Queensland.

 This scene was photographed by geologist Richard Daintree and comprises part of a collection of over 200 photographic prints, many overpainted to provide colour, taken in Queensland during the mid to late 19th century.

Cape River

Gold Rush Days in Queensland Capeville out side Charter Towers.

Ah Pan, I would love to find out more about this man. One of my long lost relations.

Ah Pan was a Chinese publican at Capeville in the late 1860’s

In the 1868 Ah Pan and A.C.Bailey had hotels at Capeville.

In 1879 there was two hotels, the Exchange and Rickardson’s and in Chinatown Ah Pan was still running his hotel.

In 1879 there was a revival and the town grew to four European hotels, Ah Pan’s and Ah Ching’s Chinese Hotels .

In 1883 Ah Pan held both the Capeville and the Royal Charter Hotels.

By 1887 there were four business only left, Ah Pan hotel, still remained in 1890.

Ah Pan died in 1886. his grave is still there, on the grave stone, one of his son is buried there too.

The little girl is my mother.

Please leave a comment to add to this story.

Have a great day.


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Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021. Day 4.

Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.

Fouth Day, Beautiful Pups.

Mother name is Chantelle, she is a Schnoodle. X between a Schnauzer and a poodle.

Fathers name is Buster. X between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle.

Our puppies are all putting on weight.

Weights on the 4th day .

I have numbered them one to six.

No 1 =330 g  Boy.

No 2 = 256g  Girl

No3 = 251g  Boy

No 4 = 234g  Girl

No 5  = 233  Girl.

No 6 = 203  Boy.

I am a girl.

Chantelle got upset when I took her pups today.

Buster watched.

Beautiful Pups.

My dogs are Adorable, Intelligent Friendly, Loveable and more. All round beautiful dog that put smiles on your face.

They are very good Companion and protective dogs.

Need more information about the pups

leave a comment.

Pups will be Mirochiped and Vaccinated before they go to there forever home.

They leave for there Forever Homes a  week before Christmas.

Have a Great day.

All pups have been sold.


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Cavoodle dog. Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dog.

Cavoodle dog.

My Dog has Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dogs. Loves Kids.

Buster is a male, Cavoodle. His hair grows really fast, Buster has long soft hair that needs cutting in the hot months every two weeks,

when you cut his hair it goes a bit curly. His hair is so soft, Buster needs brushing every other day.

It is hard to kept his mouth clean, only because he is white. I use dog wipes around his mouth.  I love my dog, love to cuddle him.

Cavoodle is a cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Buster is a medium dog, under 10 kgs.

Buster is a very smart dog, he lets you know what he wants, he either hit you with his pore or barks at you until you understand what he wants .

When we pick our car keys up, he is straight down to the car. If I go get a treat out of the cupboard, he knows he can not coming in the car.

Yes Buster is Black and white. He loves to rub his nose in the dirt like most dogs. I think his does it to get a bath.

We just had a holiday in the NT, bull dust every where. Buster had fun. It was hard to find green grass in the NT.

Busters hair is very soft, he can be cleaned with a wet rage and brush easy.

People always want to touch him, the look on his face and  his coat, very soft, he is a beautiful dog.

Below picture, Buster has a bone, Chantelle watches, and waits her turn.

Maintenance, his hair has to be clipped every two weeks. Buster just lets me do it. He does give me a fight when it comes to his feet.

Loves his bath. Buster is just a great dog. Good guard dog, no one comes in the yard, Buster comes and tell me.

Buster is loveable, he sleep with me, most of the time he spends laying on my feet. He is always near me.

He is a proud dad to 4 pups. None of the pups had his colours.

Buster watched and played with the pups as they got older.

Mother of the pups is a Schnoodle. Chantelle.

Pictures of  the pups.

His real life name is duke

Her real name is molly.

Her name is Peanut.

We new her as whitey

If you are interested in a Poodle Cross pup, Buster and Chantelle are pregnant, pups are due 19 th October 2021.

Please leave a comment to find out more.


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Schnoodle dog. Female. What a beautiful dog.

Schnoodle dog.

Female. What a beautiful dog.

My beautiful little girl Chantelle is a Schnoodle, colour Brown and cream.

Chantelle is a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

High. not quite a foot high, she is a small dog. Smart Dog, she try to talk to us. If only we could understand her.

She likes to sleep with me, sit on my lap. loves pats.

Chantelle loves her baths.  She does have to get her hair clipped. Very Good guard dog.

Chantelle has had a litter of pups. She had four pups, a great mum.

November will be her second litter.

Dad name is Buster. He is a Cavoodle. Black and White.

Cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Chantelle and Buster made great pups.

Are you interested in getting one of there pups.

Leave me a comment.

Have a great day.