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Puppies For Sale Mount Isa. Born 19/10/2021. Cavoodle x Schnoodle Puppies

Puppies for sale Mount Isa.

One week old.

pupies one week old.


Chantelle is the pups mother.

We have six pups for sale.

The pups Are:

Schnoodle x Cavoodle pups.

Beautiful dogs very Friendly, Protective dog. Great Companion dogs.

They are a medium dog, normal under 10 kg in size. High Around 12″.

They do need to be grimed.  They do not lose there hair every where.

The dogs  do clean them self.

These dogs are very intelligent, adorable loveable dogs.

If you are interest these pups, they will be going to there forever home. around the 13th December.

All pups will be wormed from two weeks of age.

8 Weeks old, they will be microchip and vaccinated.

If you are interested in a pup, a deposit will be needed.

These pups will sell fast.

Leave a comment , or e-mail me at  Subject puppies.

Have a great day.


The pups are around 250gs at 0ne week old.

Read about mum and dad.

pup that has the colours like mum


This pup is a boy the smallest. He has mums colours. Tan and Brown with white back feet.

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Puppies. For Sale. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021. Day 6.

Puppies  For Sale.

Chantelle and Busters Pupies.

They are a X between a schnoolde and Cavoodle.

Day 6 Monday Morning.

All pups are putting on weight.

No 1 Big boy.  Weight 445g.

Black with white on chest and back feet.

No 2. Girl Weight 337g.

Black White mark on chest. Brown on bottom of lip.

No3. Boy. Weight 336g.

Black White mark on chest.

No 4. Girl Weight 319g.

Black white on chest white on back feet.

No 5. Girl. Weight 304g.

Black Thin white line on chest.

No 6 Boy Weight.270g.

Black/Tan White on chest, white on back feet. Tan on face and legs.

All the Pups are putting on weight.

The whole six pups are for sale.

If you are interested please leave a comment and I will contact you.

Have a great day.


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Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021. Day 4.

Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.

Fouth Day, Beautiful Pups.

Mother name is Chantelle, she is a Schnoodle. X between a Schnauzer and a poodle.

Fathers name is Buster. X between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle.

Our puppies are all putting on weight.

Weights on the 4th day .

I have numbered them one to six.

No 1 =330 g  Boy.

No 2 = 256g  Girl

No3 = 251g  Boy

No 4 = 234g  Girl

No 5  = 233  Girl.

No 6 = 203  Boy.

I am a girl.

Chantelle got upset when I took her pups today.

Buster watched.

Beautiful Pups.

My dogs are Adorable, Intelligent Friendly, Loveable and more. All round beautiful dog that put smiles on your face.

They are very good Companion and protective dogs.

Need more information about the pups

leave a comment.

Pups will be Mirochiped and Vaccinated before they go to there forever home.

They leave for there Forever Homes a  week before Christmas.

Have a Great day.


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Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.

Puppies. Schnoodle/Cavoodle Puppies Born 19/10/2021.


Chantelle has  given  birth to her beautiful  pups.

6 beautiful pups, they all look black.

The pups  have to be a lot older for you see there colours. Most have mums colours.

Tuesday morning 19/10/2021 at 7.15am the first pup was born.

It is a Boy. weight 250g.

Mostly Black, white under mouth, white back feet, white under chest.

second day he weight was 265

Second Pup Born 19/10/2021 at 8.20am.

Weight 212 second day.

Colours, black , brown face, white mark on belly.


Third Pup born 9.02am.  Tuesday Morning.

Weight on second day 173.  A Boy.

White marks on chest small white mark on tip of tail. Brown feet.

Fourth Pup born 9.50am. Tuesday.

Black, with thin white strip on chest, white back feet.

Fifth Pup born 10.10am. Tuesday.

A girl White line  mark on chest.

Weight  171g.

Six Pup Born 11.15am

Black/Tan, white belly. Tan on face legs.


Second day, I have mark them with  colour wool.

Second night Chantelle has take off the wool on her pups.

The pups are black/ brown, with a white mark on there feet or tummy.

The pups are so beautiful.

All these pups are for sale. Enquires.

Leave a comment and I will get back to you with a reply.

Have a great day.


Fourth Day of our Puppies life.



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Cavoodle dog. Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dog.

Cavoodle dog.

My Dog has Long Curly Soft Hair. What a Great Family Dogs. Loves Kids.

Buster is a male, Cavoodle. His hair grows really fast, Buster has long soft hair that needs cutting in the hot months every two weeks,

when you cut his hair it goes a bit curly. His hair is so soft, Buster needs brushing every other day.

It is hard to kept his mouth clean, only because he is white. I use dog wipes around his mouth.  I love my dog, love to cuddle him.

Cavoodle is a cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Buster is a medium dog, under 10 kgs.

Buster is a very smart dog, he lets you know what he wants, he either hit you with his pore or barks at you until you understand what he wants .

When we pick our car keys up, he is straight down to the car. If I go get a treat out of the cupboard, he knows he can not coming in the car.

Yes Buster is Black and white. He loves to rub his nose in the dirt like most dogs. I think his does it to get a bath.

We just had a holiday in the NT, bull dust every where. Buster had fun. It was hard to find green grass in the NT.

Busters hair is very soft, he can be cleaned with a wet rage and brush easy.

People always want to touch him, the look on his face and  his coat, very soft, he is a beautiful dog.

Below picture, Buster has a bone, Chantelle watches, and waits her turn.

Maintenance, his hair has to be clipped every two weeks. Buster just lets me do it. He does give me a fight when it comes to his feet.

Loves his bath. Buster is just a great dog. Good guard dog, no one comes in the yard, Buster comes and tell me.

Buster is loveable, he sleep with me, most of the time he spends laying on my feet. He is always near me.

He is a proud dad to 4 pups. None of the pups had his colours.

Buster watched and played with the pups as they got older.

Mother of the pups is a Schnoodle. Chantelle.

Pictures of  the pups.

His real life name is duke
Her real name is molly.
Her name is Peanut.
We new her as whitey

If you are interested in a Poodle Cross pup, Buster and Chantelle are pregnant, pups are due 19 th October 2021.

Please leave a comment to find out more.


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Schnoodle dog. Female. What a beautiful dog.

Schnoodle dog.

Female. What a beautiful dog.

My beautiful little girl Chantelle is a Schnoodle, colour Brown and cream.

Chantelle is a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

High. not quite a foot high, she is a small dog. Smart Dog, she try to talk to us. If only we could understand her.

She likes to sleep with me, sit on my lap. loves pats.

Chantelle loves her baths.  She does have to get her hair clipped. Very Good guard dog.

Chantelle has had a litter of pups. She had four pups, a great mum.

November will be her second litter.

Dad name is Buster. He is a Cavoodle. Black and White.

Cross between Cavalier and poodle.

Chantelle and Buster made great pups.

Are you interested in getting one of there pups.

Leave me a comment.

Have a great day.




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Puppies. Schnoodle Cross with Cavoodle Puppies. Pictures of Beautiful Puppies.

Schnoodle Cross with Cavoodle Puppies.

Pictures of Beautiful Puppies.

Dog Breeders No.BIN0008219292754

Here is Mum and Dad.

The mother is a Schnoodle, her name is Chantelle. Colour is Dark Brown – Light Brown. (cream).

Chantelle is a beautiful Dog.

The father is a Cavoodle. He lets you know what he wants.

Buster as a little pup 3 months old.

Buster has a lot of hair. very soft to touch.

Buster is black and white. He does get dirty. But he does a good job of cleaning himself.


Buster and Chantelle

They really are a pair.

 First lot of Puppies Chantelle and Buster had.

21st October the early hours in the morning, she started. By 7am she had given birth to 4 pups.

Did all the work herself.

Chantelle was a good mum. She would go outside to do her business and straight back with her pups.

Dad just watch, for a distance.

Pups getting older.

Her a pictures of the pups.

More to come.

Next lot of pups are 9 weeks away. 17th August 2021.

My lovely Dogs.

They come on holidays with us all the time.

Have a great day.



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Northern Territory Holiday. Making our way up to Darwin from Dunmarra.

Northern Territory. Holiday.

Saturday  we planed to not travel so far up, take our time but,  when we got to Elliot, it did not look like a good place to stay.

Then the caravan park that looked empty had a 6ft fence around it.

It was hard to find green grass where we stayed. Dust and dead grass every where.

One of my dogs is black and white. Gave up trying to keep him clean.

Because we had dogs we were not allowed to go to a lot of places.

My dogs are better behave then a lot of kids, they are my babies.


Saturday night  we spent at  Dunmarra.

Here there is a service station and caravan park. Yes they were watering what grass they had.

Our caravan holiday in the Northern Territory making our way up to Darwin.

Sunday  Mataranka was going to be our next stop, we turned of the highway  and went into  Daly Waters to have a look.

There was so many Caravan, campers and people every where, we drove up to the end of the street and turned around.

Here we seen a pig and bufflo. in a fence off area, sign said they were best of friends.

There was a pub and caravan park and other places to stay. People we ran into on the road said they had a nice meal at the pub, and enjoyed seeing everything.



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Aragonite- Calcium Carbonate Mineral. Brown Aragonite Egg Natural Banded Mineral Polished Crystal Stone Egg shaped.

Aragonite- Calcium Carbonate Mineral.

Brown Aragonite Egg Natural Banded Mineral Polished Crystal Stone Egg Shaped.

Aragonite is a sought-after stone because of its metaphysical properties.

It is believed to help raise your Kundalini and even connect you to your spiritual guides.

Aragonite is a stone of well-being that will invite abundance, prosperity, and peace into a person’s life.

Properties Of Aragonite

Physical Properties

Aragonite is also known as tchazar crystal and tufa. This carbonate gemstone is usually colorless or white in color.

However, there are Aragonite stones that have subdued shades of blue, green, brown, orange, yellow, and red.

Aragonite has a hardness of 3.5- 4 on the Moh’s scale and a specific gravity of about 2.94.

Discovery Of Aragonite.

It was discovered in 1978 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name.

Aragonite is usually mined in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico.

This Aragonite Stone was  in India, Morocco.


Growth and Inner Strength.

Allow Aragonite to ignite strength and guide you through the storm.

This stone supports you as you face difficult challenges, helping you cross the road to freedom and opportunity to manifest positive changes within yourself and you life.

A stone with strong connection to the earth, the powerful healing properties support your growth and transform and keeping you level headed and focused on the journey ahead.

Aragonite is an excellent stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth.

Use of Aragonite stone.

Aragonite is a stone that will make gorgeous jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and brooches.

Aragonite jewellery is quite fragile, though, so proper care should be given in wearing and cleaning them.

You can wash your Aragonite jewelry with warm water and mild soap.  Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners because they may dull its Shine/sparkle.

You should also remove them if you will be engaging in rough physical activities.

Very hard to fine jewellery in this mineral, because of the stones softness.

You can buy this Aragonite stone for $50.00 plus shipping.

Have a great day





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Northern Territory Gold Detecting. Werrego Fossicking.

Northern Territory Gold Detecting.

Werrego Fossicking Fields.

The turn off for Werrego Fossicking fields is 10 kl north of  Tennant Creek.

There was 45 kl of bitumen road to the turn off Werrego Gold Fossicking fields.

There is a Tiny sign pointing to a dirt road. On the left of the turn off there is a gas refinery.

We travelled  ten kl, and came  to this sign.

We found a place to set up camp. People camp anywhere, there is old camp fires all over the area.

We put our large mat out because everything was bull dust, dirty, dirt. It was fun with two dogs, one black and white.


The area was very large, where to start detecting. roads went everywhere.

We detected up hills, in creeks, different places, only found tin and wire.

We spent three days at this camp. Had to leave as our water was running low.

We Never found any gold, we did give it a good go. we were in a area where a grader had gone our the area.

Ended up leaving it as all we were find was thin pieces of tin.

I was waiting to dig if we got a hit. I was looking for pretty stones nothing, not even nice quarts.

So our trip to Werrego Gold Field Fossicking was disappointing.

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night there Leaving Saturday Morning.

It was cold at The Werrego Gold Fields.

Our next stop was Powered Site a Dunmarra.

Here there was a services station, and caravan park only. Again lots of Caravans.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of information about a gold fossicking area in Northern Territory.

If you know where I can find gold let me know.

I can not wait to get excited.

Have a great day.

Please leave me a comment.