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Amethyst Gemstone Images/Pictures-gemstonefossicking

The Amethyst Image above is different colours when a amethyst stone is smashed open. Amethyst from Amethyst Castle Qld Australia. These stones have been Tumbled.

Amethyst Gemstone Images/Pictures-gemstonefossicking

Amethyst is a purple gemstones, they are  found  in all shade of purple, dark to very light.


Amethyst Gemstone Image/Pictures.  Some of these pictures have beautiful colours of purple.

Popular Colour.

Amethyst Gemstones most popular colour is the dark purple. You can get Amethyst in lots of shades of Purple.

“image courtesy”

Amethyst Gemstone Image/Pictures. some of these pictures are from “image courtesy”

Amethyst is a beautiful coloured stone you can facet it or cab it.

You can find All Colours of Amethyst. Most are sun heated. Like Citrine, and green Amethyst.

If you would like to buy some Natural Amethyst please contact me in the comment box. The amethyst stones will be cheaper than the postage.

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  1. Hello. This is from Navneet Gems. Kindly please give us the credit saying “image courtesy: “, because you have used our amethyst color chart. Its not legal to use our images without our permission. Waiting for the reply ASAP. Otherwise we will have to take action. Navneet Gems Team.

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