About Me

Welcome to my website.

Hello everyone,

My name is Wendy I have been Fossicking for Gemstones now since 2010.

I did not no nothing about gemstones before that, only visiting  jewellery shop and seeing all the pretty Gemstones.

I  wish I had started this hobby years ago, it is starting  to get harder to go up and down, digging, climbing and  bending over , looking for gemstones, all the time at my age.

What we do–Where to go

Gemstones is one of my hobby.

Love gemstone and  fossicking (rock Hound). Finding that beautiful Gemstone so exciting, camping out in the bush is so relaxing. doing nothing, North West Qld.
This website I  going to tell you about my story,  What we do ,where we go out looking for gemstones.

Tell you first hand where we have gone and for how long. Mostly we go out in the cooler month of the year. It would be nice if  we could get more holidays. time to fossick.

I live in Queensland.  Australia  way out  west in the bush(middle of Australia). We are 900klm from the east coast of Queensland, Townsville is our closest Town, near the ocean.

Brisbane, Gold Coast is around  2400klm  from here, it is two days drive, so we have a lot of places in between.

So Far  I have only fossicking in  Queensland ,  and Northern Territory.

So many places I have not been to fossick, or places I want to go back to, in Queensland. I have been into the Northern Territory  for  Zircons.

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It is not a Holiday.

When we go on  holidays, we normally get on a plane & spend most of our time in airports, shopping centers & motels,  three things I hate doing.

It is great to have a break away, but you feel so stress and tired when you get back, you need a holiday to get over a holiday.


On other holidays we go fishing in the Northern Territory, 12 hours away, and Karumba  in North Queensland 6 hours away.

Yes we fish with the crocodiles every where. in our dams we swim with the fresh water crocodiles.

Camping out I love Doing.

Now this is a holiday, a great break from every day life. The worst thing  about camping out, is the coming home and cleaning and unpacking everything.

Nothing like being in the open country, looking up at the stars at night. No TV .Get up nice and early with the birds and go fossicking. and doing nothing.


Four Wheel Drive.

Most of the places we go too,  you need a four wheel drive & you need to know how to drive one.

Some of the tracks are very rough, no bitumen roads. We do Not go out on Wet Roads, when it looks like rain.

Pretty Rocks-Gemstones.

Over my life time young and old I did pick up pretty rocks. Out here there is a lot of sparkle on the ground.

Love the Rocks, stones the different colours the bling.  There is a lot of Mica , Quartz ,Peacock Ore, Copper,  Agate  and Amethyst, so many rock.

a lot of stones/rocks are( leavarite)?.(  leave it rite there). Yes their is Gold but I have not found any yet. I do buy it.

My favourite  place to go fossicking so far.

Opalton :   It is 120kl out side of Winton.

Six hour drive from Home.  We often  go for a four day weekend. You have to take everything you will  need.  Food , water , fuel ect:, there is no shops out there.

Nearest shop is Winton a hours drive away., from where you camp.  One of the most important thing you have to take is a fly neat for your face.

There is a bush park where you camp, ans showers and toilet.

The flies  are really  bad at Opalton. Having a good fly screen is very  important.


In the summer month of the year it is not wise to go out fossicking.

The temperature Is 40 degrees plus.  Hotter months of the year I spent doing things to my rock/gemstones.

Like Cleaning, cutting, and polishing my gemstones.

Tell your stories.

Love to hear about other people adventure finding gemstones in  Australia and Overseas .

Where they have been. What they found. Where they camped.

I get very excited showing off my gemstones. Would you like gemstones from this area, I will swap and I do sell my Gemstones.

Prospectors Show on TV from America.

Love this show but it goes on and on about the same thing,  too many adds. There must be a lot of money in it, as they don’t find much.

I will be doing research on other countries gem hunting, later on.

In Closing.

If you Need help  with any thing to do with gemstones or would you like to give me some off your advise please leave comments below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I will be updating it with every thing I have been doing over the last ten years, gemstonefossicking.com

Happy Fossicking  thank you for reading my story. I hope to be able to help people look for that gemstone in Queensland Australia.

Have a great day.



Founder of Gemstone And Fossicking