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Lapidary Equipment.

           Lapidary Equipment


Cutting/Polishing your gemstone, Equipment you can buy.

Lapidary Equipment can be quite expensive .

Join your Local Lapidary Club so you can learn about Gem/Rocks and use there Equipment.

A Cabbing Machine.

Like the picture above. Yes I have one of these great machine. At the moment I am doing opal. I use 4 Wheels. One to shape, on to take the mark out of the stone, and one to smooth the stone. and of course the polish.

You do cabbing to get different shapes, to your stones.


A Tumbler

Picture above.

A Tumbler simulates the natural action of water on stones. The rounded Pebbles on a beach or in a stream bed are the result of a stone being moved through water and abraded by sand and other rocks over a very long time .A  Tumbler significantly Read More






Vibratory Tumbler.

Vibratory Tumblers are faster than Rotary tumblers and have a much gentler action which retains the natural shape of stones rather than smoothing them into a rounded shape.  They are more expensive and require more frequent monitoring.

GY-ROC Model C Vibrahone, 40 pound.  copy this link and put it in your search bar to find out more about a Vibratory.

Read More


Lapidary Polish

Various polishing compounds for polishing stone, gems or glass. Diamond polish in powder, stick, spray or compound form. Oxide polish in powder for cabbing/tumbling or stick form for faceting. It is up to you, what you want to try.  Have a look at your local club for more ideas.

Every one has a different way to polish.

My first stone I did was a rock from the creek. I cut it,  tumbled it, then put  a hole in it.

You have to have a go, the end results are very rewarding.

Have a great day.





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